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Adcom A35 Price, Features, Specifications and Full Review

The Background Adcom A35 Mobile Phone

Adcom is not well known in the Indian handset market. The company describes itself as a “virtual manufacturer” with a focus on mid end handset phones. The company set up operations in 1997 with Delhi as its base. It initially dabbled in sales of PC consumables and today has ventured into manufacturing handsets. The Adcom has positioned itself as by providing “gadgets that change your life” It has also mentioned that “It plans to compete with other handset manufacturers by virtue of its feature rich design and relevant styles”

Adcom has ambitious plans of achieving sales of 1 million handsets and has been releasing Smartphones, Tablets and accessories that caters to every pocket.

Sanjeev Bhatia, Director at Adcom says, “Adcom is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Smartphone – Adcom Kit Kat A35. With the advent of our latest, Adcom now has a growing range of budget Android Smartphones and has put a strong foothold below the 5K category we aim to provide users with devices that enhances their Smartphone experience whilst providing value for money.”

Adcom A35

Adcom A35

The Adcom A35 has been deftly priced at Rs 2799 and comes in 4 colour variants and combinations, The handsets are offered in White& Red, Black & Red, Yellow &Black and Red Black and is protected with a screen gaurd.The Red and Yellow colours form the back panel which gives the phone an attractive design and looks.

The Look And Feel of the Adcom A35 Mobile

The Adcom A 35 is basic looking Smartphone available only in Black color.The screen is a 3.5 inches , LCD capacitive HVGA with a screen resolution of 320*480 that should provide good  bright images though not visuals of superior quality. The outer edges of the phone is curved and ergonomically designed. The panels are plastic with a glossy finish which covers half the back panel and the other half has a texture which ensures that the phone does not slip accidently from the hand.

The three capacitive buttons are placed at the bottom of the screen and the camera and speaker on the top. The images are best viewed indoors as the image may be subject to reflective glares under sunlight.

The Smartphone is of medium dimensions and is 12mm in thickness. It fits neatly onto one’s palm. 

The Hardware Specifications

The hardware specification is Dual Core, 1.2 GHz with a MediaTek MT6582 and has a 256RAM with an internal memory of 512MB and provides for a micro slot to expand the memory by 32GB. The applications should work with ease but one can opt to use only one application at the same to avoid the applications left hanging without a response.

The camera features a front camera which is 1.3MP with the rear camera at 2MP which comes with most basic Smartphones. The quality of the pictures will be good but can never boast for a picture being of superior quality. It will however fulfil the criteria of having a selfie camera for today’s generation which thrives on being active on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The Smartphone supports video recording too.

The battery capacity is poor which is 140mAh and is not removable from the casing. That standard talk time without using any of the other applications would be a maximum of 6-7 hours and even will be lesser with the use of internet browsing. The handset manufacturer claims that the Handset consumes less but still the battery capacity should have been strong as this is one of the 4 main aspects of a Smartphone that consumers search & pay attention to. The Battery backup assumes importance on similar lines like the car needing petrol for a good mileage. A weak battery will prove to be a deterrent and needs to be improved.

The Smartphone offers dual sim functionality which supports GSM /GPRS/EDGE and one of the Sims can enjoy 3G service.

Overall the specifications are average and puts in a decent performance.

The Software and UI

The Smartphone operates with the operating system of Android 4.4.2 Cream sandwich and the applications can be accessed with good speed. Coupled with the hardware capacity of 1.2 GHz the multitasking should be fine and should support access of mails, checking messages and social networking sites all at the same time.

The other applications of the Smartphone are FM, Bluetooth, WAP, SMS, MMS, Multiple Languages, MP3, MP4 supporting formats like 3GP, AVI, RMVB.

The Smartphone supports games but gaming will be good for games with less defined graphics. But as the levels of graphical definitions go higher it may not provide the same support and the games may buffer or hang in between.

Final Verdict of Adcom A35 Review

The Smartphone though was pegged at the mid priced segment has slashed its pricing to less than 3K and is aiming to grab a share of the low priced segment. But here it is a crowded place with numerous players competing with each other for revenues.

The Adcom will find it difficult to make inroads against established market leaders and home grown handset manufactures to capture a slice of the Smartphone market. This is because the established or the known brand also has handsets catering to this market.

Nevertheless the Adcom A35 though cannot be compared with the wide array of Smartphones that is available in the market; it offers within the definitions that it has laid for itself a decent Smartphone. The Adcom A35 has one redeeming quality that is it offers an expandable memory slot of 32GB which is a good deal for the price.

The consumer can opt for the Smartphone if he wants a simple upgrade and is comfortable using the design and feel of a feature phone. The looks of the Smartphone too will prove to be attractive. The phone will be a good buy for youngsters who want a Smartphones for selfies, social interactions, emails and internet browsing.

The Smartphone will meet competition in the form of lesser priced Smartphones like that of Intex, Huawei and Micromax. All companies are ready to slug it out and have unleashed a range of Smartphones that has better features internal memory space and camera specifications. So Adcom needs to pitch its products aggressively and work on better specification to match the features and less pricing.

The rating offered is a 3 rating based on its features, specifications and pricing.

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