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Apple iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Apple and Samsung are always at loggerheads no matter how different they are. IPhone 6 screams out to all the apple fans while the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 attracts a larger group. iPhone 6 became infamous after the bendgate controversy and it was the perfect time for Samsung to shine. Both the phones were launched in September 2014 and are battling it out ever since. If you are stuck between these two choices, then this might help you out.

apple iPhone 6 vs samsung galaxy note 4

Apple iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Design & Look:

The Phablet model Galaxy Note 4 scores less in the aspect of design as the size can actually be a put off for many buyers. Nevertheless, the note 4 is the most attractive looking phablet ever made. The textured back with a metal body finish and rounded edges gives it a very beautiful look. The volume rocker and power buttons are placed on the either side of the body.

Apple never disappoints us when it comes to design. We give a definite thumbs up for the slim all aluminum unique body in a never before seen design. It is ultra thin and feels good in your hands unlike the phablet. Apple finally upgraded its screen size in this model. It is neither too big nor too small, it just fits perfectly.

Samsung tried, but it’s obvious who the winner is.


The display on the Samsung 5.7 inches QHD Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels which is almost 500 ppi makes it vibrant, clear and sharp. Apple has a little disadvantage here, as it offers only a 4.7 IPS screen with a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels at 326 ppi pixel density. But when compared, there is not much difference to be seen between the two displays. Apple is just as sharp. However, Samsung has a considerably greater viewing experience as it functions better in environments with poor lighting.

User-Interface and Additional Features:

The features that Samsung Note 4 offers with the Android 4.4 Touchwiz interface are purely amazing. It retains all its old features like Smart stay, multi-window alongside features like one-handed control which allows you to access all the features on the screen while operating single handedly and heart rate sensor which also helps you to click photos with the secondary camera using voice command. The Smart select feature allows you to easily copy text and images from apps and also improves the access to addresses and contacts in the images. Samsung has abundant features packed in to this model. The experience of S Pen is also said to be smoother in this model compared to the previous Note models due to the high level of pressure sensitivity which helps in delivering a smooth performance with a light touch.

Apple on the other hand, known for its pleasant and super smooth interface has not gone through any major changes in the looks but the iOS 8 offers new features. There is not much to add to the interface after it went through a major makeover last year. The TouchID feature works better on apple than the one in Samsung. It is a hard switch if you were using an OS lower than 7 but as you get accustomed to it you will understand the benefits. The advantage that Apple has over Samsung is that it does not carry unwanted features. It has a good selected few in hand.


Both the Galaxy Note 4’S 2.7 GHz quad core processor and the Apple’s own A8 Chip with 64-bit processor are good but Apple’s A8 chip out functions Galaxy Note 4’s processor in terms of performance. Let’s not forget the M8 motion coprocessor that improves the performance and efficiency in iPhone 6.

Memory and RAM:

Samsung gives the users a 32GB internal memory while Apple buyers should choose either 16GB or 32GB or 64GB. Apple does not have microSD facility and that’s probably its biggest disadvantage. Samsung buyers can expand the storage up to 128 GB.

Samsung operates on a 3GB RAM, same as the one in Note 3. The 1GB iOS RAM in iPhone 6 is more than enough to thrash the performance of 3GB Android RAM. Since the 1GB RAM operates in a totally different style, it is able to deliver better performance than a 3GB RAM on an Android device and it suffices.

Camera Features:

Apple still offers only 8MP primary camera which is yet another disappointment while the note offers 16MP primary camera and 3.7MP secondary camera. The 16MP camera has additional features to improve the quality of images like Optical Image stabilization. The front camera also has an additional 120 degree wide angle feature that allows you to cover more area. Apple offers two tone LED flash while Samsung offers only single LED flash so when it comes to indoor shooting or shooting in environments with poor lighting conditions, Apple produces better clarity images. It also takes a lot more time to capture an image in Note 4 than in iphone.

Battery Backup:

When it comes to battery, Samsung’s 3220 mAh battery is a better choice as it lasts longer without any lags and such. Apple’s battery life is comparatively lower. The battery in Note 4 is a fast charging one. If battery life is your barrier between the two phones, then don’t be hesitant to buy the Note 4.


Both the phones offer 4G connectivity.

Quick-Comparison Between Iphone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is very pricey but if you expect a good battery life then get ready to pay the extra bucks. The camera quality in outdoor shoots is also brilliant with many features on the go to improve the quality. Apple iPhone 6 is fairly good and it’s Apple, what more do you need? With a pleasant user friendly simple interface and light features, Apple still manages to mesmerize us and the only real downside is the battery life.


The war between these two makers is never ending and Apple always gets its way in the end. But this time, with the Galaxy Note 4 Samsung gets an upper hand. Our only concern is the price. A price range of 40000-50000 rupees would have sufficed for the features. Despite the heavy price tag, it is considered to be a fast-selling and successful model.

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