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Buying Smart Phone – Follow these Steps to Make Good Deal of Your Purchase

Mobile technology is making everyone smarter these days, influencing people beyond age, education and gender. But with the frequent changes in trends and updates in the technology, choices seems to be endless. A mobile phone is an important part of our daily life as it not just the easiest way of communication but also for many other subsidiary features. Any smart phone usually considered for its features like camera, GPS system, sound and play, gaming. social network connectivity and nevertheless internet connectivity.

When a prospective customer is willing to buy a smart phone, many factors influence his/her buying decision. He/she considers various things like brand, trend, specifications, price, store, after sale benefits, freebies, etc. Earlier to this era, people used to opt for Feature Cell Phones which are nothing but simple mobile phones. These phones are to be used explicitly for calling and apart from these rarely on music, camera or small gaming. Smart Phones on other hand are smarter produce of technology which can be exploited for various things. Internet connectivity is one of the important things that makes them more popular. They have influenced our lives to an extent that our lifestyle is completely dependent on their smarter technology.

5 Simple steps for a Prospective Buyer to Make Best Deal of the Product –

  1. Fix a Budget –

The first and foremost thing that a buyer should plot is the budget. As there are many variants of Smart Phones at different price levels a buyer has to set a money limit that he/she can shell out of their pocket. Based on the range, the mobile handset can be decided depending on other features.

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  1. Pick up Operating System –

Operating system is the next thing to be considered after a budget is set. The major choices would be Android or Windows. If the buyers’ budget is little high then they can go for iPhone, Blackberry and Palm Web. Selection of the operating system solely depends on personal preference as every OS has its own advantages and disadvantages. Where Apple iPhone offers many different apps, Android is more flexible and Blackberry is popular for reliability. The decision on Operating System would be of great help in deciding the handset.

Apple phones; Blackberry

  1. Required Features 

Intending users look for some specific features on a smart phone. Like few look for cameras, battery life, internal memory, dual SIM, processor, sound quality, and such other features. The requirement of these features is originally influenced with one’s interest, lifestyle, occupation and age.


PriceJugaad can help the buyers in bringing all the specifications at one place with relevant reviews also. The specific features of PriceJugaad like Sentimental Analysis of reviews, Feature Rating, Review Rating, Reviews classified according to Product feature, etc. will be more great help to the intending buyer to form his/her opinion.

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  1. Comparative Analysis

The buyer usually picks up three to four mobile phones in accordance to all the above listed points. He/she now try to compare the products based on specifications, pricing, trend, reviews, etc. Manual comparison of the product is very difficult and many things cannot be properly analyzed when one is comparing more than two products.

The comparison of smart phones can be alternatively preformed at PriceJugaad with simple clicks. One can easily identify which product outweighs the expectations and get narrowed with the decision on buying.

Let us see the comparison between Motorola Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6

Motorola Nexus 6 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S6

  1. Price and Bargain

When the instrument is finalized, the buyer now looks for price and discounts to grab the best deal. This research of the buyer also raises choices on Online or Store buying. The buyer identifies different stores offering the particular smart phones and the price at which they been offered. Though this step sounds interesting as it insists on savings but rather it is time consuming.


PriceJugaad lists out all the online stores offering this product along with their offered prices and also gives a graphical picture about price variations. The Price Forecast algorithm predicts the price of handset for next few months on the selected online store. This can affect the buying decision to a large extent and also it brings best deal to the buyer.

A buyer can also track our Top Deals page to grab hourly deals on various mobiles. This is one of the dynamic pages online that changes frequently many times a day.

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What next, just select the store and buy the product. As now the purchase of the smart phone is done wisely considering all the features, market, trend, reviews, deal, etc. a buyer can satisfy that he/she has made a best deal of their money. Now, smart phone buying need not be a daunting task. By spending quality time on PriceJugaad, one can be relieved of their purchasing decision. As we will do all the hard work for you and want you to shop EFFORTLESSLY.

Happy Shopping!!

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