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Celkon Campus Buddy A404 Review, Specifications and Price list

The Background Of Celkon Campus Buddy A404 Mobile

Celkon Mobiles seems to be in a tearing hurry to make a dent in the Indian smartphone market and this time has launched yet another smartphone which is the Celkon Campus Buddy A404 as part of their Campus series. As the word “Campus” suggests these smartphones are budgeted, economically priced, has the most relevant features of smartphone without crowding the phone with bloatware.

The other smartphones which are part of the Campus series are Campus A15K, Campus A35K, Campus Nova, Campus A10 and Campus Q40.

The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 is priced at Rs 4099 suggesting that the smartphone is pitched against the phones priced well under the 5k price range which are the Karbonn Opium N7, Lava Iris 405 Plus  and Nokia X2.

The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 has been described as “Elegant, Sharp and Impressive” by Celkon and has been specifically aimed at the college going crowd with its trendy features .

Celkon Campus Buddy A404

Celkon Campus Buddy A404 Review

The Looks of the Celkon Campus Buddy A404

The display frame is a customary design that Celkon flaunts in most of its smartphones the screen is a 4 inch TFT LCD, capacitive touch screen. The screen resolution is 480*800 pixels with a PPI of233 suggesting that the display is not HD but just enough to provide a good resolution of pictures and videos. The display works well indoors with poor visibility under natural sunlight.

The three capacitive touch buttons are situated at the bottom of the screen, the volume controls and the power button on the right. The frame is plastic so one can expect a glossy finish that requires a casing to keep it secure in the hand .The camera is featured on the back panel with the speaker on the top of the display screen. The weight of the phone is 131 gms.

The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 comes in three colour variants that are Black, Grey and White and the colours are uniform throughout.

The Hardware Specifications of Celkon Campus Buddy A404

The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 is powered by dual core 1.3GHz with an unknown chip set and GPU. Nothing much is known about its performance except with the specifications offered the phone should generally work with its basic features like calls, sms and browsing. The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 should not be overworked because of its software details of which are mentioned below.

The RAM is 512 MB with internal memory storage of 4GB and expandable up to 32 GB which should fulfil the storage and data needs of a user with average surfing, social networking and downloading requirements.

The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 offers only a rear camera and one which has a low resolution of 3MP. This is again a dampener as smartphones in this range offer a minimum 5MP camera. What is astonishing is also the fact that the smartphone targeted at the college crowd or the young generation does not carry a front camera which rules out taking selfies. The young of today thrives on selfies and the phone not offering one may not attract the college student from buying the Celkon Campus Buddy A404.

Coming to the clarity and sharpness of the picture a 3.2MP camera with flash is best suited for outdoors and with indoors a flash should always be used for good if not great pictures .The camera also boasts of an auto focus and zoom features. The phone also has video recording facilities that can capture events and shows that one likes.

The Battery offered is a removable Li-ion 1500mAh battery which should provide the user a talk time of 7-8 hours with 300 hours of standby time. With browsing this might come down even further.

The USP of the Campus Buddy is that it comes with a TLX2200 mAh Power Bank portable charger which allows the user to charge the phone anywhere and anytime and does not have to go in search of a power socket.

The Software Specifications of Celkon Campus Buddy A404

The hardware specifications has been tailor made according to the pricing and  features a Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean instead of the Kit Kat. This may be the phone’s undoing as the older version sometimes makes the applications hang and multitasking becomes difficult. Sliding through screens may also have a lag time.

The games on the Celkon Campus Buddy A404 can be played well when one does not require high definition graphics but otherwise may not support high end games.

The smartphone is a dual sim and offers only GSM compatibility. The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 can be used only for 2G services and does not offer 3G losing its edge over other smartphones that offer 3G in the same price range. The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 offers GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi 802.11, Blue tooth with USB connectivity. It also has FM radio and loud speaker features to that allows the college going crowd to enjoy their favourite music.

The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 supports Contacts, Emails, Messaging which are standard fare of a smartphone.

The Final Verdict of Celkon Campus Buddy A404 Review

The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 is a standard staple dished out by Celkon Mobiles. The features have been trimmed down to keep in line with the price but may be its undoing as other smartphones provide much better features against which the Celkon Campus Buddy A404 is pitted against.

Overall the smartphone is a sturdy and affordable phone for the college crowd as well as regular consumers who want to have a decent smartphone that is able to fulfil their basic specifications and is more convenient than a feature phone.

The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 scores a 3 on a 5 star rating for his Dual sim, battery and dual core 1.3 GHz processor but scores less on the internal memory specifications. The feature that is conspicuous with its absence is the front camera and 3G compatibility.

The USP of this phone will be its dual core processor, the expandable memory of 32 GB and its decent battery strength and with the Power Bank charger should ensure that the smartphone is durable and reliable at all times.

The Celkon Campus Buddy A404 does not offer anything new but has managed to churn out a smartphone that is under 5k which should be of great value to the budget conscious. The looks are clean and stylish and provide a non fuss performance.

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