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Celkon Campus Nova A352E Review and Full Phone Specifications

About Celkon Campus Nova A352E Mobile

Celkon Mobiles is a Hyderabad based handset manufacturer who is aiming to take advantage of the Smartphone market. It is the 6th largest handset manufacturer in India and is one of the members of the Android One Project. The Celkon Campus Nova is aimed at the lower priced market segment. The Smartphone is pitched against similar Smartphone that is priced low like the Intex FX cloud which is touted as the world’s cheapest Smart phone.

tamannah with celkon mobile

Tamannah with Celkon Mobile

The Brand Ambassador for Celkon Mobiles is Tamannah the popular actress. The handset company states in its mission that it wants to provide every user with innovative mobile technology. The statement also says that it wants to provide the user with more personalised experience. Celkon Mobiles has ambitious plans to make its foray into the 4G ecosystem and is laying plans in that direction.

The Celkon Campus Nova which is part of the smart Celkon collection has been described as Delicate, Realistic and Lively.

The price of the Celkon Campus Nova is also similarly priced like the Intex Fx Cloud but slightly higher at Rs 2025 but is a budgeted Smartphone nevertheless aimed at the first time Smartphone user or a Consumer looking for Smartphone which suits his low budget.

The Display Features of Celkon Campus Nova A352E Mobile

The display screen is small at 3.5 inch display and sports a screen resolution of 320*480 which can be described as a feature phone specification and not of a Smartphone. This means the display sharpness will be average with a pixel density of 166PPI. The display screen can be best read indoors and one will not be able to handle the Smartphone suddenly in the outdoors. The Smartphone however is snug and fits well in the palm of the hand.

The handset frame is all plastic so one should not expect a rich feel or look of the phone. The three capacitive buttons are placed below the screen and the speaker on the top of the screen. The volume controls are placed on the right and the left side of the panel is left free. This could have been put to good use by the handset design team. The frame is bordered with a thin red panel that makes the handset look attractive.

One can add up to five display screens and personalise the screen with your own shortcuts and widgets. The wall paper for the screen can be set by placing the finger on the home button and the gallery pops up. The Handset comes in two colour variants Black and White.

Celkon Campus Nova A352E Hardware Specifications

celkon campus nova a352e review

Celkon Campus Nova A352E Review

The handset is powered by 1Ghz  RDA8810M with an unnamed chip set  and has 256MB RAM which is better than the Intex FX cloud  and the internal memory space is also better which is at 512 MB  whereas the Intex has only 46GB. Out of 512 MB only 167 MB is available for the user. The expandable memory is up to 32 GB via a micro slot which is great as the Intex offers only 4GB.  The micro slot is available above the battery. Since the hardware specifications is just like a feature phone, one should use one application at a time and not simultaneously. In other words the basic functions work just fine without any lag. The power button is situated at the top rim along with the USB port. The 3.5 mm audio jack is also situated next to it.

The camera is offered only at the rear which is a 2MP and comes without a flash, so the pictures cannot be taken indoors without switching on the lights. A 2MP camera will give picture of decent quality.

The battery provided is a 1400mAh battery which should provide at least  6 hours of talk time and a stand by time of 250 hours. The battery is a removable battery.

The Celkon Campus Nova offers dual sim facility which is a common feature among most Smartphone today.

The Softwares that supports Celkon Campus Nova Mobile

The Celkon Campus Nova runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which makes it one of the few devices to run on this software since most of them use Android KitKat. The reason to do so has not been revealed by the handset manufacturer. The device also offers Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot, GPRS/EDGE and is compatible only with 2G. It also offers Social networking functionality for the crowd that has its pulse on Face Book, Twitter etc.

The other applications of the Smartphone are MP3/WAV/eAAC/Document viewer/Photo editor /Organiser /Voice memo/dial and predictive input text.

The Final Verdict of Celkon Campus Nova A352E Review

The Celkon Campus Nova is much better than the Intex FX cloud due to its hardware specification, internal memory and expandable memory options. This is purely a Smartphone for the budget conscious, first time users or wanting to upgrade to a decent Smartphone as specified in the beginning of the review. To even compare it to the mid priced Smartphones will be sacrilege because the Smartphone features have been made available at a dead beat price of Rs 2055.

The pricing may even come down in the coming weeks giving a stiff competition not only to the Intex Fx Cloud but also the lower end feature Phones, the Chinese non branded handsets which are available at throwaway prices . The Handsets will have great sales especially in the rural areas which are seeing an upscale growth in Smartphone sales.

The handset manufacturer will be successful in  making a dent or taking a chip of the lower priced handset segment  as it a complete value for money. The design and specifications are realistically placed when compared to the price.

The consumer who will opt for the Celkon Campus Nova will do so to experience a Smart Phone but without high expectations. One should be realistic when using this phone. The name of this Smartphone is suggestive indicating that it will cater to the new, young and college going crowd.

The rating for this Smartphone is a 4 out of 5, but only within the handsets priced within 2k-2.5K range. The rating is based on the specifications and its functionality.

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