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HTC Desire 820 Price & Specifications Review

HTC Desire 820 Price in India

HTC has just launched a revolutionary Smartphone named HTC desire 820. Released in November 2014, this Smartphone is offering solutions to all minor problems of previous HTC Smartphone. This Smartphone is specially released for those users who are little bit sensitive in their budget while buying Smartphone. With the price of 24,999, this phone is offering all functions, of which every smart phone user always dreamed off.

HTC Desire 820

HTC Desire 820

How is HTC Desire 820 to Look Like?

HTC desire 820 is giving a tough time to its competitor phones. Due to its unique dual color look it attracts the smart phone buyers to itself. This handset is available in the following colors i.e. Milk white, grey, white, saffron, blue and orange. As compared to its previous model HTC desire 816, the new HTC desire 820 is far better.

As you can see in the picture that two colors are mixed brilliantly. This fusion of two colors is giving unique look to this handset. The top corner camera style is quite impressing and attractive.

The Hardware Specifications of HTC Desire 820

  • HTC desire 820 is a unique Smartphone with 5.5” multi touch HD display screen having dimensions 157.7 * 78.74 * 7.74 mm. It supports display resolution of 720 * 1280 pixels. This resolution allows this Smartphone to play HD quality videos without any displayed issue.
  • With Octa core (8 cores) processor it stands in the row of most advanced Smartphone of present century. To give perfect graphic experience to the users HTC desire 820 has Aderno 405 graphic processor. This graphic processor makes this phone very much reliable in graphic experience. The sensor department of this handset contains accelerometer and compass.
  • It’s time to discuss the most important feature of this Smartphone and that is its internal storage. It has 16 GB internal storage with RAM memory of 2048 Mb (2GB). 16 GB internal storage is good and admirable but the capacity of RAM is little low. The RAM should be 4GB because we have seen many quadcore Smartphone having 2GB RAM that’s why I am little bit disappointed with the RAM memory. For 8 core handset the RAM should be of minimum 4GB.
  • As like every other Smartphone this handset contains both Primary and secondary camera. The primary camera is of 13 Mega pixels and secondary camera of 8 Mega pixels. 8 Megapixels secondary is something very attractive for users. Secondary camera is normally used in video chatting and 8 MP give user a good and reliable video chat experience. Primary cameras with high quality led flash light records video with resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels (1080 HD).
  • First time in the history of android handset, a handset comes with 64 bit cpu. HTC desire 820 has a credit to introduce 64 bit cpu to the Smartphone market. With Octa core processor, 4GB RAM the 64 bit processor makes this handset very much unique in the market. This handset is listed in the normal priced handset but in term of its functions and hardware selection this handset stands in the list of most advanced handsets of now days.
  • 3.5mm audio jack is supported for audio input. Loud speaker is very impressive in term of output sound. The output sound quality is enhanced due to built in amplifier. This handset contains one of the best built in sound system.
  • High voltage battery of 2600 mAh is available which gives user a long stand by and talk time. In term of battery stand by time this handset is best.
  • The HTC desire 820 offers dual sim option. Only Nano sim can be used. User can activate two sim cards at the same time without any network signal problem. As like every other Smartphone wifi option is available. 3G and 4G network connection is also supported in HTC desire 820. Bluetooth and GPS option is also available.

Support for 3G and 4G network enhance its uniqueness because now a day every Smartphone user prefer handset with support of 3G and 4G network. Now a day every Smartphone user uses 3G or 4G technology to use internet.  

Which Software Does HTC Desire 820 Support?

  • Android v 4.4.2 kitkat is installed with several new built-in software. To enhanced user software using experience photo editing software is installed by the company. With this software you can edit you pictures like a professional editor.

Trend in Asian market

When we talk about the taste of Asian Smartphone user, we have to keep following things in our mind because these are some important feature which every Asian Smartphone buyer wants in Asia i.e. Very fast processor, High memory RAM, high quality camera, HD format video support and a long battery time. HTC desire has every feature which an Asian Smartphone user always desired. Asian user always wants a handset with low price and advanced features. HTC desire 820 will reign Asian Smartphone market due to its middle range price and very much advanced features. This handset will definitely satisfy Asian Smartphone user because it offers very much advanced features in a normal price.


The combination of Octa core processor and 2GB RAM is not impressive. We have seen in the market that many dual cores Smartphone have 2GB built-in RAM. So in term of RAM selection this handset is not giving any tough competition to its competitor handsets. Minimum of 4GB built in RAM should be offered with Octa core handsets. HTC should consider this technical point in the launching of their next handset. 64 bit processor should have minimum 4GB RAM to show its real power but company has taken wrong decision in using only 2GB built in RAM. 64 bit processor is something new in android handsets and its processing speed needs high RAM memory.


Truly speaking, this handset is the best handset released ever in the section of middle priced android handsets. It will be priority of the Smartphone buyer in every market especially in Asian market.

HTC Desire 820 Rating

This handset deserves very good rating. I will give this handset a deserving 8/10.

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