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Karbonn Platinum P9 Review


Karbonn, the Indian manufacturing company is known for producing budget-friendly phones and competes with other companies who produce budget-friendly phones like Intex and Lava. But Karbonn has joined the trend of introducing phablets with its latest model Platinum P9. It has a 6-inch display screen with a powerful processor that offers excellent performance. It is available only on Snapdeal. The whole buzz surrounding the phablet model is that it is actually the first handset in the new ‘Platinum’ series that was launched this year.

The phone has a 6-inch QHD display with 8MP front and back camera and a Quad-core processor. If you think these features sound familiar, you are not wrong. This model’s features are quite similar to the Huawei Ascend GX1 that was released in December 2014 making it its natural competitor.

The Karbonn Platinum P9 was initially launched with a heavy price tag of 13,000 rupees which seemed too much for the little specifications and features it offers. The price was later cut down and it was released on the famous e-commerce site, Snapdeal at just 8,999. It is available only on Snapdeal, it is still unclear why Karbonn hasn’t released the handset throughout the market. Nevertheless, the Platinum phablet seems to be getting only a lukewarm response from the crowd.

The only selling point of the Karbonn Platinum P9 is the 6-inch display which just stands apart from the rest of its basic features that can be found in other budget-friendly phones. If you are a fan of big screens and happen to be looking for a budget-friendly phone, this is your only viable option. Take a look at the review and decide for yourself if it’s worth it or not!

Karbonn Platinum P9 Review

Karbonn Platinum P9 Review

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Design Specifications:

The perfect rectangle-shaped design of the phablet might look new in the shelves of Karbonn but the resemblance it bears to Sony Xperia handsets is undeniable. The sharp and crisp cuts design fail to deliver a premium look and the cover provided by Karbonn just makes it worse. Karbonn has gone for a Unibody finish which makes the battery irremovable. Almost all the phone have irremovable battery these days, people are willing to compromise for the metal body finish. Karbonn has a volume rocker on the left and power button on the right. The rear camera is placed on the top right corner along with the LED flash. Karbonn has its own loving range of capacitive buttons placed on the lower bezel. Karbonn does not seem to be letting go of the capacitive buttons anytime soon. They are not backlit.


Now comes the 6-inch display screen which is the USP of the Karbonn Platinum P9. The phone comes with a resolution of 540×960 pixels with a qHD display. Because of the bigger screen, the icons look pixilated and the sharper look is lost. Karbonn should have gone with a better resolution to couple with the 6-inch display screen for sharper resolution. We are not entirely happy with how it performs in the outdoor light either. The visibility is very low in the sunlight. The display is also coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for scratch resistance.


The phablet offers Dual-SIM facility with both the SIMs being operative on 3G connectivity. Its new competitors Redmi Note 4G and Micromax YU Yureka, both offer 4G connectivity. They definitely beat Karbonn in this round.


The Karbonn Platinum P9 is powered by 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor operating on an unknown chipset. Its competitors Redmi Note and YU have octa-core processors which are much more powerful to drive the phablets. The Huawei Ascend GX1 which seems to have been the core inspiration for this model also operates on a Quad-core processor but performance wise, both the phablets seem to be battling it out neck to neck.

Karbonn Platinum P9 has a 1GB RAM for a smooth experience. We did not experience any lags so the performance seems fine.

Battery Backup Life:

Karbonn gets battered by in this roaund by Huawei Ascend GX1 as it comes with a 3500mAh battery while Karbonn Platinum P9 has only a 2500mAh battery. This battery is enough to last for more than a day, since the phone does not have 4G connectivity also. 4G connectivity takes up a lot of juice and drains out the battery quickly.

Operating System:

The phablet runs on Android v.4.4 which comes with a little modification made by Karbonn UI. The UI is very user-friendly and Karbonn has retained the app drawer in this model which it seems to have ditched in the latest models. The phablet has many gesture enabled apps and the features which can be customized to a great extent to meet your needs.

 Camera Features:

The phablet comes with an 8MP front and rear camera much like its competitor. The 8MP camera is good in outdoor shots but the indoor pictures have a lot of noise in them. The front camera enables you to video call and record HD videos. The basic features like panorama shots, gesture shots and continuous shots can also be seen in the camera. The picture quality is average.


The Karbonn Platinum P9 comes with an internal storage of 16GB which is quite a lot more than any of its competitors offer. But half of the storage is filled with unnecessary apps, some of which are system-level and cannot be deleted. Nevertheless, the 16GB storage is exceptional and this could be the second reason why people might buy this handset if not for the 6-inch display screen. This storage can further be expanded with a microSD card for up to 32GB.


Karbonn Platinum P9

Karbonn Platinum P9

The Karbonn Platinum P9 stands tall with its 6-inch display screen and 16GB internal storage. The phone is very budget-friendly and offers these two high-end features which is quite amazing and there are no delays in performance. You can go ahead and buy the phone if you can live with the bad design and poor camera. Otherwise, the phone is great. But it does not stand a chance against YU Yureka and Redmi Note which offer better features for the same price.


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