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Lenovo A328 Review, Price, Specification and Comparision

Lenovo A328 Mobie Phone Preview

lenovo a328 review

lenovo a328

Lenovo the Chinese manufacturer of high end Smartphones, laptops and other accessories has quietly but surely carved a market for itself worldwide. Their biggest advantage is offering customers features and specifications at a sensible price when compared to other Smartphone manufacturers.

The company aims at the mid market and the high end market and offers products that cater to customer’s demands. In a sense they have a finger on the pulse of the market and launches products which is the current demand.

The Lenovo A328 is one such product aimed at the mid priced segment of the market. Lenovo A328 price is at Rs 5000 and is pitched against Nokia XL priced at Rs 8222 and Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos at Rs 7990.

Learn more about Lenovo A328 mobile in below Lenovo A328 Review. 

Lenovo A328 Features and Looks

The Smartphone comes with a smart 4.8 inches LCD capacitive screen. The screen resolution is 450*854 pixels and pixel density is 204 PPI.  The colour depth is 16M. This means that the picture quality is good even if it is not something to rave home about.

Yes, it is a touch screen and is available in the two standard colours Black and White both offering a stylish and formal look. The phone weighs at 140 gms and is sturdy to hold. The home key, short cut key and the reverse key are at the bottom of the screen offering an unblemished view of the LCD screen. The icons for all the applications are simple to read and use by simple touch. Overall the looks and features of the phone are pleasing, simple and easy to use.

The volumiser is on the left and the start button is on the right typical of most of the Smartphones in the market. The back flap is smooth and offers a glossy finish so one must be careful of handling the phone. But the flap is easy to remove and close and does not strain the fingers.

The Lenovo A328 is a Smart phone with smart features and has been offered to customers as a sturdy and reliant Smart phone. The phone can be adapted to rugged use and its great pricing does not drill a huge hole in the pocket when compared to other Smartphone’s.

The Hardware Specifications of Lenovo A328 Mobie Phone

The Smartphone comes equipped with 1.3GHz quad-core with the processor make of Media Tek. The RAM specifications is a decent 1GB  with an internal storage of 4B This means that one can access maximum two applications at a time but should not expect the Smartphone to multitask at great speed. The battery backup of Lenovo A328 is its strongest feature offering the user a 2000 mAH battery, which means the it can stretch up to straight 21 hours of uninterrupted talk time under 2G usage or network..The battery is removable lithium battery. Under 3G usage or network the phone offers a talk time of 13 hours which is also a good feature. The standby time less than 2G network is240 hours so charging the phone repeatedly for loss of charge will not be an issue.

This is a dependable option for people always on the move.

The Storage details

This is an advantage if one wants to store a good amount of pictures and videos. For greater storage needs it does have an expandable slot. The type is a micro slot and expandable storage capacity is 32GB.

Lenovo A328 Camera Features

Well the camera specifications should keep the trigger happy and the selfie crowd happy though not ecstatic. The main rear camera has a 5MP resolution with flash and the front camera has a 2MP resolution. The camera features LED flash, auto focus; geo tagging, panorama, HDR, video calling, digital zoom and face detection .The phone does not offer video recording which is a drawback of the phone. They should have incorporated video recording to make use of a 5MP camera.

You may miss the high picture quality but certainly you will not miss the opportunity to take pictures for posterity.

The Operating system(OS) of Lenovo A328

The operating system is the standard Android Kit Kat 4.4 MT6582M processor with Java support and the browser supports FLASH. This is slightly better than the 4.2 version that most Smartphones are offering these days.  It has a graphics processor which allows the user to play games with high graphic content which is another disadvantage of this phone. The manufacturer has ensured that he has his fair share of games at an affordable price.

The Connectivity features

The Smartphone offers Wi-Fi, GPS and has Blue tooth with version 4.0. It is provided with headphones to enjoy your music and tune into the FM radio channels .The charging is through a micro USB. The phone offers a host of sensors like the Proximity sensor, acidometer, and ambient light sensor.

It’s a dual sim Smartphone offering the customer the advantage of holding two Smartphhones for the price of one. Both the sims support 3G so that the customer can enjoy the same advantages on both the sims.The phone works only on a GSM network which may not be an disadvantage as most of the users opt for GSM and not CDMA or popularly known as locked phones .

Lenovo A328 Review Conclusion and Best Price to Buy

In Lenovo A328 review conclusion the phone offers all the standard features of a Smart phone and if it can be rated on a sale of 1 to 10 this phone scores a 8 on the grading system. The eight point rating is due to the features and performance mentioned in the review which the brand has managed to provide at 5000 rupees.

The price and the make should attract consumers to the brand, Lenovo in India has built itself a good reputation and this Smart phone should do excellent business in the Indian handset market. The phone has been launched this month of October capitalizing on the festival season.

The Phone has positioned right in the middle among the numerous players in the market. The price advantage a Lenovo has over other models with the same specifications coupled with its reputation of providing good products should help its sales numbers in India.

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