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Lenovo K4 Note – Raising the Bar for Smartphones in the Indian Market

The year 2016 seems to be a good start for the Chinese smartphone maker Lenovo, especially with the launch of its new mobileLenovo K4 note. The last year’s launch of the Lenovo K3 note was a success, and this is largely what the smartphone makers banks on. Nevertheless, the addition of the ‘Vibe’ moniker to the name might be confusing to many, but as per the statement of Anuj Sharma, the head of Product & Marketing in Lenovo Mobiles India clarifies, this is only because the company has been integrated the Vibe series with the Note.lenovo k4 noteThe device was launched in a corporate event in Delhi on Tuesday, the 19th of January, 2016. In succession to the presentation which showed off the popularity of the Lenovo K3 Note in the country (which as per the data released by Google showed it to be the phone with the third largest number of searches in India), the company launched K4 Note. Interestingly, a senior management source was quoted saying that the device is not a just a mere upgrade to its predecessor, but is playing host to several new features, which include the TheaterMax VR Technology, Dolby Atmos and a fingerprint scanner.

Lenovo K4 Note Specifications

Dimension 3.01 x 0.36 x 6.05 inches
Weight 158 grams
SIM Slots Dual, micro SIM cards
Display Full HD, IPS, 178 degrees wide-view
Screen Size 5.5 inches
Internal Memory 16 GB
External Memory 128 GB, microSD
Operating System Android 5.1 (Lollipop), 10-point multi-touch
Primary Camera 13 MP, with flash
Secondary Camera 5 MP
Connectivity 2G, 3G, NFC, Radio, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Processor 64-bit MT6753 Octa-Core
Battery 3300mAh

Diving into the details

  • TheaterMax: This feature allows you to watch videos in a widescreen cinematic undergo and all thanks to the company’s virtual reality technology, integrated into the device itself. Additionally, once you team this feature with ANTVR glasses, be ready to get immersed in your videos which are being displayed on a super-size screen, completely virtual, though. The interface allows you to turn the volume up or down, as well as total control of the video navigation.
  • Dolby Atmos®: The speakers on the device are front facing, and are empowered using this new technology from Dolby. The immersive sound experience is not just loud but gives a rich feel to the listener. Moreover, the sound emitted is greater detailed sounds wide and elevated and features enhanced effects.
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Although not very common in mobile devices offered in this range, the Lenovo K4 note features a very responsive fingerprint scanner. The phone is designed such that the scanner not only allows you to unlock your device using the hardware but also responds to shortcuts hard coded for snapping images or accessing multimedia menus.

lenovo k4 note Fingerprint Scanner

  • Display: This is another aspect that needs to be highlighted. The phone features 5.5 inches Full HD screen, with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The contrast ratio of 1000:1 seems promising, and as per Lenovo’s specification, the device is capable of displaying 450 nits brightness. The phone also offers a 178° wide viewing angle, making your screen visible from a wider distance. Additionally, the brightness and the display clarity guarantees that text and multimedia should look more vivid, crisp and readable.
  • Advanced Recording Capabilities: In a first of its kind in this price segment, the K4 Note employs the three-mic system which enables it to filter out background noise. This gives a considerable boost to the quality of the recorded audio. In addition to this, the hardware also employs the much-efficient Wolfson codec support, hence providing a range of enhanced recording capabilities to the hardware.

Lenovo K4 Note Price

The product is placed in the sub 15000 category and some online sellers have listed variants starting from ₹11999, although there are others who list the price from ₹13999.

Lenovo K4 Note and its competitors

Lenovo K4 Note does not leave much room for competitors. However, the Indian smartphone market being an attractive center for manufacturers from all over the world, there seem to be quite interesting things for Lenovo to take a look at. A stiff competition could be given to the newly device, Huawei Honor 5X. Featuring metal panels all over the body (well, apart from the top and bottom part of the front panel), the device looks beautiful and also has a combination of nice hardware specifications.

k4 note vs honor 5x

The K4 Note, as well as the Huawei Honor 5X, feature the same 5.5 inches screen size, 64-bit octa core processors, and 3GB RAM. The display resolution appears to be the same too, and both phones have the same pixel density of 401 ppi. Both devices offer an equal amount of internal storage, and an equal amount of external storage can be mounted on them both for larger storage capacity. The battery in K4 Note, however, gives extra juice than its competitor, giving it an edge in the competition.

Market Response

While the hardware looks all good, fans expecting the Helios X10 processor would be disappointed to know that it has been replaced with the MT6753. However, the sale of the first 10000 units on the first day of its launch (Jan 19, 2016), were sold out within seconds. Additionally, the company announced further 60000 units for sale in India on the second day of the launch (on Jan 20, 2016), and these were sold out within the first ten minutes itself.

Performance Expectations

With the integration of virtual reality in smartphones aimed at this price segment, Lenovo seems to have raised the bar for manufacturers on one side. The first units however, were sold without the ANT VR bundle. The hardware on the device looks powerful, though, and they are expected to give the phone a decent score on the various testing platforms.


The device shines with its media capabilities powered by the HD screen and the Dolby Atmos sound system – especially at this price range. However, in case if you have already used product with a price tag beyond 15K, this phone might fail to impress you. But, for users with a budget around 12K and having already used any of the below products, this is quite a decent upgrade – more so if you are a music buff.

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