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Lenovo RocStar A319 Price & Specifications Review

The Background of Lenovo Rocstar A319

One of the decent Smartphone makers the Lenovo released one more multimedia Smartphone RocStar A319 in the A series. Lenovo launched this android based multimedia Smartphone in India on 17th October 2014. Even the phone maker offered many variants in this series; this dual sim RocStar A319 is much more affordable and advanced than the other versions. In India one can purchase this phone for Rs. 5999/- only.

In Indian market, it is available as the new Smartphone especially designed for music.

It is expected that this phone will face great competition from other brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. Since it is designed with most advanced feature Dolby Digital Plus technology, this phone will reach to top place in the music phone category.

Lenovo labeled this phone as rich and powerful Dolby audio multimedia Smartphone.

lenovo rocstar a319

Lenovo Rocstar A319

How is Lenovo RocStar A319 to Look Like?

Appearance play key role in selecting any device. In this aspect, Lenovo designed this Smartphone very stylish and sleek. The feather touch sensitivity makes this device very sensitive yet effective. Similar to other models, the phone maker made this phone with a bigger display on which the organized way of feature icons makes very attractive.


The Lenovo RocStar A319 comes with a powerful theme and beautiful display. One can measure this Smartphone as 63.8mm x 10.2mm x 123.5mm. Considering its display, it is a 4.0 inches (10.16cm) display along with WVGA (800×480) TN resolution and the pixel density is 233 PPI.

On this 4-inch display, it is easy to check mobile updates and do other operations.

The Hardware Specifications of Lenovo RocStar A319

The A319 is designed with a 1.3GHz Dual-core Processor, which is supported with 512MB RAM. With these advanced specifications, this device becomes more powerful and provides decent performance than many other Smartphones available in market.


Talking about Storage, Camera, and multimedia, it has an inbuilt memory of 4GB, which can be expanded up to 32GB. This phone is installed with a 5MP camera that is supported with a digital zoom and LED flash. This phone is also designed along with a 2MP front camera. For decent quality of sound, it is sophisticated with Dolby Digital Plus speakers.


Frankly speaking, Battery is the major downside of this mobile. It is supported with a 1,500mAh Li-on battery by which one can talk about 3.5 hours and hear music about 10 hours. In 3G networks, the standby time of this mobile is 240 hours. Apart from unimpressive battery, this mobile has 512MB RAM which is very less for an advanced Smartphone like this.

Excluding these two flaws, performance of this device is very impressive. As per critics, this version of Lenovo doesn’t stay long in present market.

Its gorgeous look will endeavor many users who are newbie in the Smartphone world!

Which Software Does Lenovo RocStar A319 Supports?

For more smartness, this phone is making use of newly designed Antroid v4.4 KitKat operating system. This operating system enhances multitasking abilities and customization features of the device. Moreover, Antroid v4.4 KitKat operating system lets user to browse the web while hearing music.

Similar to other advanced Smartphones, the Lenovo RocStar A319 also has voice control options by which one can answer calls, set alarms, take pictures, and control music player only by voice commands. This feature makes life easier for the user.

In addition to these, the RocStar A319 is installed with some advanced DOit applications like SECUREit which helps users to track, explore, and know their data use. One can share data from one phone to another phone very fastly with no Wi-Fi connectivity or phone connectivity by using the pre-installed SHAREit app. In addition, this mobile has a SYNCit feature that allows users to permanently store their data and make use it on any other mobile.

Apart from the DOit applications, the Lenovo RocStar A319 is also loaded with the Guvera music application that can enhance the music player with many streaming features. Moreover, this feature allows users to store 10 million songs in a music library.


Moreover it has inbuilt social networking and sharing sites like Google, Twitter, Skype, and Facebook. Additionally, one can find Google’s Maps, Talk, Street View, Google+, Gmail, YouTube, Weather & News, Playbooks, Chrome, Music, Play games, Play Magazines, and Play Movies.

Moreover, this device is equipped with Bluetooth and a WIFI connectivity options. This phone supports almost all video formats and audio formats. One more tempting feature is, this model is available in both regular and dual sim versions.

2G & 3G Networks

As other traditional Smartphones, the Lenovo RocStar A319 is also designed to use only 2G and 3G networks unlike Samsung’s latest versions, which can be used with 4G network also.

RocStar A319 is designed to support only both 2G and 3G. That’s why it is not considered as the future generation Smartphone.

The Final Verdict of Lenovo RocStar A319 Review

One can purchase this budget Smartphone from Oct 17th of 2014 and is available at all outlets of Lenovo at RS. 5,999/-. The Lenovo RocStar A319 is an economical Smartphone, which is designed to provide great multimedia experience. It is designed with the most advanced Antroid KitKat operating system along with a dual-core processor. Moreover, it was released in market in black, red, and white finishes.

The Lenovo RocStar A319 is the most recently launched Smartphone which doesn’t get any rating up to yet. As per expectations, it will get a 5star rating due to its advanced features and affordable pricing.  Lenovo hopes that this version will stood in the market at the top place because of its Antroid KitKat operating system along with a dual-core processor operation which is the responsible of system’s performance.

Even though this device is not designed with a heavy duty battery, of its features it is very better than many Smartphones running in the market today. Along with the advanced hardware and a powerful operating system, this phone is very affordable. For those who can’t afford expensive Smartphones, the Lenovo RocStar A319 is a best alternative.

The RocStar A319 is equipped with all goodies of a Smartphone and is deserve to stay in the market.

Moreover, the phone maker Lenovo is planning to launch some more models in coming future.

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