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How is LG G4 superior to Blackberry Passport?

Well, it is already known that smartphones rule the modern routine of the individuals. Hence, the existence of many superior brands and series has taken place in the market. Some few brands are listed on top of the gadget list due to its specifications. Let’s discuss the difference between LG G4 and BlackBerry Passport here.

Most of the mobile freaks prefer to choose LG G4 than BlackBerry Passport. Have a look on the content here folks.

The apple-cut difference between LG G4 and Blackberry Passport  can be identified based on the following comparison from PriceJugaad.com:

Comparison between LG G4 & Blackberry Passport

Comparison between LG G4 & Blackberry Passport

The LG G4 substantially has faster CPU with clock speed, noticeable higher pixel density, and bigger screen size. The LG G4 has 6*1.8GHz while the other one has 4*2.3GHz CPU and the pixel density is 534 ppi for LG G4 where for BlackBerry Passport it is 453 ppi. The screen size is another feature that attracts anyone towards LG G4 as it has a 5.5 inches screen against to 4.5-inch screen for BlackBerry Passport.

The LG G4 mobile comes with Rear Camera of 16MP with 1440*2,560 Pixels per inch (PPI) and BlackBerry Passport comes with 13MP Camera with 1440*1440 PPI. The front camera of LG G4 is of 8MP whereas Blackberry Passport has 2MP. 


Blackberry Passport vs Lg G4


The Weight of LG G4 is 156gms and the BlackBerry Passport  is 196g. 


LG G4 is readily available in Metallic Gray, Shiny Gold, Ceramic White, Black Leather, and other colors of leather too, like Red, Blue, Beige and yellow.

BlackBerry Passport is available in White, Black, Red and Silver-Black colors.


The LG G4 comes with a Removable Battery and Blackberry Passport comes with a Non-Removable battery. The battery capacity of LG G4 is 3000 mAh while it is slightly higher in case of BlackBerry Passport with 3450 mAh.

The LG G4 has built-in optical image stabilization and wireless charging too, which are missing in BlackBerry Passport.

Dual-LED Flash

The prime gadget (LG G4) has a dual LED Flash facility with 802.11ac WIFI connection which is absent in BlackBerry Passport mobile.

Build and Design

Speaking about the design, G4 has 75.3mm Back-illuminated sensor (BSI) while the Passport has 90.3mm without BSI sensor.

Autofocus recording

The LG G4 has continuous autofocus recording facility while the same is missing in BlackBerry Passport. The semiconductor size of LG G4 is 20nm while its slightly more in BlackBerry phones with 28nm. 

Manual exposure

The LG G4 has manual exposure and supports slow motion video recording function with the serial shot mode. This option is completely opposite in BlackBerry Passport. 

LG G4 has CMOS sensor, Laser autofocus, manual ISO, Supports 64-bit, shoots raw which are missing in the BlackBerry Passport.

Price of LG G4 and Blackberry Passport

The cost of the series is another key point to be considered before purchasing. LG G4 price ranges from 35,500 to 36,000 while the price of BlackBerry Passport costs ranges between Rs.38,000 to 39,999 in India.

LG G4 was launched in April 2015 while BlackBerry Passport was released in October 2014. The LG series is of the touch screen with 148.90*76.10*9.80mm dimensions. BlackBerry Passport series is of Qwerty form factor and keyboard is touch-sensitive with 128.00*90.10*9.30mm dimensions.


The LG G4 is powered with 1.8 GHz Hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 3 GB RAM, and 32 GB Internal Storage. The BlackBerry Passport processor is of 2.26 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage.

Both the smartphones have expandable storage memory  up to 200 GB in LG G4 and 128 GB in BlackBerry Passport.



The LG G4 and BlackBerry Passport have Wi-Fi connectivity with Bluetooth and NFC. The LG G4 doesn’t have Wi-Fi direct and MHL Out, FM and HDMI. But BlackBerry Passport has Wi-Fi direct and HDMI along with FM.

SIM Type

These Mobiles comes with a single SIM slot of Micro-SIM type in LG G4 and Nano-SIM in BlackBerry Passport. 3G and 4G/LTE are available in both the gadgets. The LG G4 supports 4G with a bandwidth of 40 while the same is not supported in BlackBerry Passport.


The LG G4 and BlackBerry Passport has compass/magnetometer, Accelerometer, Proximity sensors with an Ambient light sensor. Gyroscope facility is available in LG G4 while it is missing in BlackBerry Passport. Both the gadgets are in lack of temperature sensor. Both the mobiles have GPS and Bluetooth connectivity.


The system software plays a vital role in the selection of gadgets and LG G4 has Android 5.1 as an operating system with UX 4.0 skin. The BlackBerry Passport has BlackBerry OS 10.3 as operating system and doesn’t possess skin.


The LG G4 mobile and BlackBerry Passport has Mail, Document reader, FM radio which again has pushed E-Mail service. Coming to the alerts of the gadget it is of vibration, WAV, and MP3 types. These both brands has PDF reader too.

LG G4 and Blackberry Passport though compete with each other, but both seems to have their own level of audience. Hence, it’s time for you folks choose one for your usage. Android lovers will definitely opt for LG G4 whereas Black beauty followers would like to upgrade themselves with Passport. What’s your choice by the way?

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