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LG L Bello D335 Review, Complete Specifications And Mobile Price In India

Learn About LG Mobiles

LG Smartphones have been ranked as the third highest in terms of its sales performance and market standings. The company offers value for its brands and the Smartphones are no exception. The advantage of LG phones is that they are attuned to the market needs and their products are a demonstration of the company’s vision of the future.

LG L D335  Bello Reivew

Lg L D335 Bello Dual Sim Mobile

LG always thinks ahead into the future grasping the oncoming or dying trends and tradition of the handset market. Those who buy an LG phone will soon not want to opt for other brands. Here’s a reason why.

LG L Bello D335 Mobile Review

LG has released   the LG L Bello D335 which is another addition to the strong LG handset family. Priced at Rs 15990 it cleverly taps into the mid priced and the high end segment. The other contenders are the Blackberry Z3 and Gionee Smartphones.

The Display screen features LG L Bello D335 Mobile

The phone has a 5 inch True IPS LCD capacitative display with a FWVGA screen resolution of 480*854 pixels with a pixel density of 196 PPI and is a multi touch screen phone. The picture quality and the resolution is good allowing you to watch your favorite videos and pictures.

The advantage of this phone is its huge LCD screen occupying the entire frame. The phone looks impressive with its massive coverage as all the keys are embedded on the screen and not outside it. One has to just tap anywhere on the display screen and directly access the home screen.

The phone can be your style statement as it looks huge in your hands. But the phone manages to wrap itself within your hands nicely giving you a sturdy grip of the phone. The phone has a smart keyboard that helps you to type according to your style as the phone accommodated your style of typing.

The phone comes in three color variants which is black, white and off white enabling to match your appearance with highly stylish Smartphone.

The phone boasts of a signature design which is the premium rear key design making the side buttons look redundant.

The Hardware Specifications of LG L Bello D335

Now let’s check the hardware specifications. Just like all the LG phones it offers a strong 1.3 GHz Quad Core CPU that promises speed that can multitask with ease and avoid a time lag. The RAM stands at 1GB.

The battery backup is outstanding offering a specification of 2540 mah which is the largest in its class. You can be ensured an uninterrupted talk time of at least 48 hours with this kind of specification and a stand by time of more than 250 hours making it a dependable phone at all times.

It will keep you connected and you do not have to worry about the battery sounding its alerts in the middle of an important conversation.

Trigger Happy

LG always manages to keep its users happy with its superior camera features .The phone has both rear and front camera. The main or rear camera has 8MP BSI camera with LED flash. The camera mode has panorama shots and auto options. It has geo tagging too. The front is a 1MP camera with flash which makes us wonder as to why LG wanted to cut corners here when most of the other phones have a 2MP. Did they justify this downgrade by including a flash for the front camera too?

The front camera has a unique feature called the Gesture shot. One can open the hand in front of the camera   to activate the feature and then when one rolls the hand into a fist, it begins the countdown so that the person has plenty of time to pose for the perfect shot.

It also has Touch and Shoot feature. The screen can be touched anywhere and the camera will focus and activate the shutter.

The Phone also has video recording facility with full HD with a high resolution of 1920*1080 and HD at 1280*720 which ensures that the user has great quality videos.

These two are the best features of LG L Bello D335 hands down

Storage Specifications of LG L Bello D335

LG has always managed to give good storage specifications. The internal memory sixe is a whopping 8GB but like most of the LG phones has an expandable memory size of 32GB.

One even has the advantage of having cloud storage of 50 GB giving you the option to access your pictures and videos even from a computer from any part of the world.

The Operating system (OS)

LG L Bello D335 operates on android 4.4.2 kitkat that helps to access multiple applications at once without the phone hanging or having a lag time.

Connectivity Features

The Phone offers dual sim with 3G compatibility, GPRS, EDGE but does not have CDMA option. It has Wi-Fi ,Blue tooth tethering  and Blue tooth connectivity .The phone has email support with Group SMS up to 20 no’s . Document viewer makes it read files and documents while on the move and the 5 inch screen should help you read the files clearly.

The Final Conclusion of LG L Bello D335 Review

In our LG L Bello D335 review, this mobile scores a healthy 9/10 on the rating scale. Barring its front camera specifications at 1MP, all other specifications of the phone is as usual excellent and a good value for money. LG L Bello D335 provides superior performance without compromising on the quality. The polished contours of the phone offer users a high sense of fashion along with its practical uses.

The Smartphone is being marketed under the slogan “Grab Beauty from every Angle” which is apt because the phone fulfils in the features and specification department.

The phone is touted to be designed to fit one’s daily life. This tall claim has actually been made by LG time and again.

The LG L Bello D335 is a great buy for users who do not want to spend a huge amount of money buying a Smartphones. Therefore the answer lies in buying LG L Bello D335 which provided all the high end features at a moderate price.

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