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How Micromax beats Samsung in Sales in India?

Samsung has had competition at all levels be it high-end phones or Budget-friendly phones. The wide range of Smart phones that Samsung produces to attract all kinds of crowd is amazing but lately, it has been facing problems as the Indian market just got more competitive. With many Indian companies producing budget-friendly phones with great specs, Samsung is in a tight spot in the Budget-friendly Zone. One company which it competes with is Micromax. The Indian consumer electronics company that was started in 2000 has now emerged as the tenth largest smart phone seller in the world. Micromax has been giving Samsung a tough time with the introduction of many budget-friendly phones with the same specs as available in highly priced Samsung phones. In a survey conducted by the IDC in 2013, it was found that Micromax had a major share in the Smart phone industry and is the second leading supplier of Smart phones in India, confirming Samsung’s worst fears. It is amazing how a brand which is accused of assembling China made hardware is set side by side with a giant like Samsung which has been ruling the market for years now.

micromax beats samsung

micromax beats samsung

Taste of new buyers:

Micromax beats Samsung as it allures new smart phone buyers. The people who are looking forward to upgrade to a smart phone will naturally choose a phone which offers maximum specs at a low price. Surely, no person with a basic model will look to start off a smart phone experience with a 20,000 rupees phone. And India is a country where the shift from basic phones to smart phones is taking place at a slow pace. The only people that Samsung attracts are the youth and the ones who are well accustomed to the Smart phone generation.

Great specifications at affordable prices:

A good Samsung smart phone with considerable number of features is priced at 9000 while for 9000 Micromax offers a wide range of endless and exciting features. For example, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime priced at 9,399INR offers 5MP primary camera with 2000 mAh battery, 800×480 pixels resolution and 4.5 inch screen while a Micromax phone in the same price rage would offer features like AMOLED screen with 8MP Camera, live feed news, 5MP secondary camera and a 2000mAh battery at just 8,399 INR.

The issue of choice:

Micromax also has a lot of choices in terms of design, builds and features in the budget-friendly range but Samsung lacks such choices in this range. Samsung only offers such choices in high-end phones. It is just that the target audience varies and now there are many people who are still trying shift to the smart phone generation. Micromax also offers very good features for a very affordable rate.

The huge success of the Canvas series:

Its success doubled with the Canvas series and it is still creating ripples in the industry. Micromax manages to meet the needs at a lower cost than Samsung does. It is not that Samsung does not offer good quality or service; it is just that it doesn’t play smart in the budget-friendly zone. The Canvas series phones like the A116 HD were some serious competition to even models like S4 and S Grand Duos. Micromax could easily match up to the specifications of these high-end phones with just one or two exceptions like less storage space, etc. with a much lower price tag. This impressed the buyers who wanted a taste of the rich experience.

The foreign element:

Also, with movements like Make in India and Buy Indian products gaining attention, it does not do any good to the foreign maker. Now that there is visible competition brewing between these two companies, Samsung in order to stay in the game must either cut down the price or introduce budget-friendly smart phones with many features.

Value for money over Brand reputation:

Most of the new users who switch to smart phones care more about the value for money rather than the Brand name and reputation so it is obvious that a maker offering more features at a lower price will attract the buyers. This is the same case with Micromax, its greatest plus point is that it has learned to appeal the new users who are currently the masses in India.

The craze for Dual-SIM phones:

It was also concluded from the same survey, that Dual-SIM and large screen are the most sought after features in India, Samsung does not offers a large screen in most of the budget-friendly handsets which proves to be a great disadvantage. This might be one of the major reasons for the growing popularity of Indian makers as they offer bigger screens and Dual-SIM features.

Open to new possibilities:

The Indian makers are always open to changes as they do not have a unique trademark style yet. The same goes for Micromax which has recently launches the Canvas Win series which operates on a Windows 8.1 OS. With such changes, it can also be seen that it has a wider reach. This does not mean that Samsung is not subjected to changes, it does undergo changes but those are very minor and only a tech-lover would understand the benefits. It does not speak out to the common man.


It is evident that the major decline in the sale of low-end and mid-range Samsung smart phones triggered the win for Micromax. Micromax is slowly starting to set a benchmark in the Indian market for the other Indian makers to follow. Samsung immediately started to act on this by introducing three smart phones under 10,000 INR. They have upgraded features and better quality and Samsung is hoping win back its share, fair and square. Will Samsung’s shares bounce back or will the Indian Maker still manage to make profit and soon rise to the top once again, one will have to wait and watch.

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