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Micromax Bolt S300 – 2008 called, it wants its features back!


The Indian Marketer never had a shortage for an audience due to the wide range of smartphones it produces and is now placed against companies like Samsung. The innovation that it brings about the existent phones is one to admire. But will the magic fade away with the competition growing day by day? The Bolt series introduced by Micromax features extremely low-cost phones built for the new-Smartphone users who just want access to the basic features, more like Intex phones. Micromax has to fight out with Intex just offering better specs with 4G connectivity. The Micromax Bolt series had a few duds and the Bolt S300 is definitely one. With users asking for better options, it failed to impress even the new smartphone users.  The Micromax Bolt S300 has features that could be considered great for the price, two years ago but not now.

Micromax Bolt S300

Micromax Bolt S300

Micromax Bolt S300 Review

The phone was released date in March 2015, alongside Micromax Bolt D320 which fairs better in comparison with this model.

The phone’s saving grace is the 3G connectivity that it offers. It is designed quite carefully to look handsome but has no brains.


Micromax Bolt D320 DesignThe phone is 4 inches long. It has been designed to easily fit into the pockets as new Smartphone users find it very annoying when the phone is bigger than the pockets. This is a clever move by Micromax. It is available only in black. The back cover features textured finish to give a good grip for the user. The rear camera is placed on right top corner while the speaker is present on the left bottom corner and the Micromax logo is awkwardly placed a few centimeters below the camera in the center. All in all it is not very appealing at all.

The volume rocker button and power button are placed on the sides which are almost unnoticeable.  Like all of the Micromax models, this phone also does not feature a home button.

Display Specifications:

The 4-inch display screen has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels which houses 233 ppi. The display screen is rather small and the whole display is a little below average. D320 also has a similar display setting. The color depth is just 256K colors when phone have started offering 16M color depth.

Battery Backup Life:

The phone has a 1200mAh Li-ion battery. This is a very low powered battery even for the basic features that the phone offers. The Li-ion batteries also have the problem of draining out very soon and this reduces the battery life by a great extent. The battery will give you a day of uninterrupted supply, but even that will be cut down under heavy usage. The battery is removable


Micromax Bolt D320 Processor

Micromax Bolt D320 Processor

The phone runs on a 1GHz processor operating on a Spreadtrum 7715 chipset. The Spreadtrum SC7715 is a next-generation single-core chipset supporting WCDMA/HSPA and GSM/EDGE communication facilities.  The chipset integrates a Cortex A7 core processor running at a speed of 1.2GHz and also has a Mali-400 Graphic processing Unit that is capable of supporting most of the games. Playing high-end games and websites with high graphical may not load properly on this basic device. The chipset also houses features like PMU, audio codec and connectivity functions including WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and FM to achieve high integration at low cost.  This platform aims at bringing high-performance features into the mainstream Smartphone market, such chipset in usually used in phones that are targeted especially at the first time smartphone buyers.

Operating system:

The phone runs on Android KitKat OS which is a bit advanced from the rest of the features. It does not feature a Lollipop update and we don’t think the phone would support the software at all. Android KitKat has some cool features that are very user-friendly to guide the first time users along. Micromax has not so far developed an exclusive User Interface; it just modifies the Android software. The same goes to this handset, since it is designed for the new smart phone users, Micromax thought it would be best not to tamper with any modifications and tries to play it safe.

Camera Features:

Micromax Bolt S300 features a pathetic 0.3MP front and rear camera. The 0.3MP camera is worse than it sounds. It does not have any kind of clarity and does not support bad lighting photographs. Even the new smartphone users might want to click a picture or two so Micromax going for 0.3MP camera was not a very wise decision. They should have at least incorporated a 1MP camera.

Internal Memory storage:

The phone has a 512MB RAM. Yes, you read that right! RAMs of that size are so outdated that you barely see them in the picture anymore. 512MB RAM does not deliver very smooth performance. But Micromax played it wise by reducing all the other features down so that you wouldn’t use much of anything.

Internal storage given is 4GB which is just sufficient to store your contacts because that’s pretty much what the phone can hold. But cleverly Micromax has given a slot for microSD card which lets you expand the storage up to 32GB.

Dual-SIM facility:

The phone offers the user a Dual-SIM facility that also supports 3G network. Yay! Finally, Micromax has done something right in this phone. The new smartphone users go for Dual-SIM phones and since 3G network has become famous across the country, it wouldn’t make sense if a phone does not offer one, these days.


Micromax targeting the new smartphone users has launched this phone featuring outdated technology and low performance. The phone does not have a decent camera to sta

rt with and the battery life is very questionable. True, new smartphone users do not prefer high sophisticated technology, but they definitely deserve the best of the available features which Micromax has failed to provide. Micromax has in the past, produced some great smartphones targeting the new users but this time it has just produced a lower version of what’s in the market currently. With companies like Intex offering the best of everything for a little higher price, it is essential for Micromax to pause and think before releasing such handsets.

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