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The Moto X Style – Putting the Art Back in Smart

The year 2015 saw Motorola launching three new smartphones – one each from the latest Play and Style series, and a new (2015) version of Moto G. One amongst its prized handsets in the flagship series, the cell phone manufacturer has tried its best to allure users, thus exploring aspects yet untrodden for the company. The Moto X Play was a large phone in itself, given the fact that it had a 5.5-inches screen. But for people who just can’t seem to be satisfied with technology around, the company brought for its users a phone combined with a tablet, a 5.7-inch device. Studded with amazing specs and a real bright, clear screen, the Moto X Style stands true to its name.

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An essential factor when discussing cell phones, this aspect need to highlight here, solely because the Motorola Moto X Style is convincingly stylish. When comparing the Moto X Play and Style, the latter certainly wins because of its superior built quality, beautifully curved corners and a rich looking back panel to add to the sophistication.

Dimensionally, the device is 76mm across, a wide one in its segment, however, when compared to the other flagship offering (the Moto X Play), it is only a millimeter wider. For people with average palm-size, getting to the other end of its screen shouldn’t be an issue. However, when operating vertically, reaching to the other end one handed is a challenge, given its length (124mm). The maximum thickness of the device was measured at 11mm, with the thinnest being 6.1mm. Again, as compared with few other models made by Motorola Mobiles, the phone’s plastic may not look very expensive, but it has a nice touch and feel.

The Moto Maker allows you to make further customization on the body of your handset for better personalization. Almost every aspect can be altered, including the front and back panel of the device, the type of rear panel (which you can choose from options such as genuine leather or wood) and also the metallic accent on the phone’s rear.


Made of Gorilla Glass 3, the screen seems to be durable. Although this seems to be a nice feature, the technical details of the display in the device are not very satisfactory. And especially when compared with its counterpart, the Moto X Play. The 5.7 inches screen has a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels but certainly does not have a very accurate display. There is no AMOLED screen, and the phone features an IPS display instead. The color accuracy was 93% though, giving the images a pleasant vibrancy when viewing slideshows.

When compared to the other devices in this category, the phone was found to have a relatively bright, colorful and crisp display. Playing games and running multimedia on the device was no struggle either, and graphics performed well in all instances.


The phone runs Android 5.1.1 straight out of the box while the manufacturer also guarantees that updates to the operating system will be offered over the air as and when available. As of October last year, the device was set to receive the Marshmallow update.

System Performance

Equipped with a hexacore Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor-bounded with 1.8GHz, the device seems to run smoothly than almost all the others in its own segment. This is additionally combined with 3GB of RAM, giving the device enough power to recognize multi-touch and optimize gameplay for visual satisfaction. Interestingly, when tested on technical platforms, it seemed to outperform HTC One M9, and widely surpassed LG’s G4 in performance, despite the fact that the latter device also employs a Snapdragon 808.

When compared to its flagship counterpart, the Moto X Play, the phone not only loaded the inbuilt applications relatively faster, but the animations appeared to be smoother as well. In the light of this comparison, however, it must also be mentioned that the Style scored much at handling complex games (the performance tests revealed that the Style outperformed the Play by almost thrice its score). Compared to Samsung flagship devices such as the S6 as well as S6 Edge in terms of system performance, the Moto X Style performed fantastically. Loading of web pages, as well as handling multimedia in it, was a breeze for the device.


This deserves a notable mention. The camera unit mounted on the rear panel is a 21MP camera, and is capable of producing excellent pictures even in cloudy conditions. The app for the camera does not have much in itself, though, so if you are expecting some high-end editing features in this, you may be slightly disappointed. Image production, however, was in-depth and rich in color and clarity. Moreover, the HDR mode gives the brightens the dark images when taken in a low light setting.

Moto X Style Camera


The phone is generously equipped with several connectivity options. To begin with, the device features Bluetooth (4.1 LE) and Wi-Fi (802.11ac), as well as 3G & 4G LTE for high-speed internet surfing. Adding to it is the Micro USB slot (although not Type C). Like all other devices falling in the category, the Moto X Style also employs GPS and NFC for user convenience.


The device houses a 3000mAH battery, which the company claims can keep your phone running all day. However, our tests proved otherwise, and the device lasted significantly less than the Galaxy S6, in similar conditions. Turbocharging is a feature that demands appreciation in this aspect since this allows your handset to get a 10-hour life with only 15 minutes of charging time.

Moto X Style Price Analysis

Moto X Style was launched in India on 8th October 2015. At the time of Launch, the price of Moto X Style was Rs. 29,999/- and now it has experienced a price drop of Rs.3000. According to a Pricejugaad, the price analysis for the last 4 months of Moto X Style can be seen in the following graph.

Moto X Style Price drop


Moto X Style is available in 2 online stores Flipkart, Saholic. among these 2 stores, Flipkart is offering the best price that is Rs.26,999/-. Flipkart is giving this smartphone at the discount rate of 10% as compared to their following competitor store i.e, Saholic. which gives at a price of Rs.29,999/-.

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Conclusion: For a phone with 5.7 inches of screen space, this device could be a great choice if you are into mobile games, or spend a lot of time traveling. The Smart Boost feature allows you to watch movies with more convenience, although you will need to have a power bank handy if you need uninterrupted performance. The device is available in 32 and 64GB versions, but given the option that you can insert an external memory card, it makes more sense to go for a 32GB version, and then add another 128GB of memory for the same price.

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