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Motorola Moto Turbo Review

Introduction About Motorola Moto Turbo:

The Indian version of Motorola Moto Maxx, Motorola Moto Turbo, is finally up for sale on the company’s major online retail store, Flipkart a few weeks after it was available for pre-ordering. It was scheduled to be launched in the third week of March. Moto Turbo is considered to be the company’s flagship phone and the specs that come along just prove the point. Motorola, not overconfident by the success of Motorola Moto E has managed to its shift focus to creating high-end phones with impeccable specs to get in to the sea of Smartphone competitors. It is not different from the Moto Maxx except for the OS, Moto Turbo has an upgraded android version of Lollipop OS. So far, it has been doing great in the market.

motorola moto turbo

motorola moto turbo


The screen is 5.2 inches with just enough resolution of 1440×2560 pixels which provides a brilliant 565 ppi pixel density. To make the resolution sharper they have used an AMOLED Quad HD display and there is also a covering of Corning Gorilla Glass on the display for protection. Motorola seems to have got everything right in terms of display. The sharpness and quality of images is just amazing.

The glass is also coated with water resistant Nano particles. It does not provide great resistance but what it does do is protect it from drops or drizzles of water. This is a step towards the water resistant technology which is not seen in many of the Micromax models. Maybe one day it will get better than Sony the trademark brand for water resistance.


The Moto Turbo looks different from other makes. It has rounded corners and quite thin in the edges. The only thickness that can be found is from the curved back. It weighs roughly about 166g which feels fine on the hand.

One thing that sets it apart from the others is the textured back which is called the Ballistic Nylon. The Ballistic Nylon has better grip than the Kevlar based Red back cover which could be found in DROID Turbo model. They made the perfect choice of going with the Ballistic Nylon version for this phone. It also gives a good look to the phone. It also offers above average durability

Turbo Charger:

The box contains earphones, handset and a Turbo charger. The Turbo charger claims to give 7 hours of power with just 15 minutes of charging.

Battery Backup Life:

Battery backup has become a major issue with the upcoming smart phones. The battery is 3900 mAh which is a powerhouse that can last for easily for a day. But the QHD display might use up most of it as it requires great amount of energy to run on hence the maximum time the phone can last with heavy usage is 14 hours at the best. The battery is its main selling point as no high end phone in this range offers such an exquisite battery.


The 2.7 GHz Quad core processor with a 3GB RAM provides a powerful yet pleasant performance to the user. The processor races like a horse keep the Quad HD display going without any lags.

Camera Features:

Coming to the main aspect of the phone, the camera, the Moto Turbo proudly carries a 21-Megapixel Sony primary camera and a 2MP secondary camera. There is nothing to complain about the image quality; both outdoor and indoor shots are amazing and incomparable to that of any other phone in the same price range.

The camera also comes in a package with other exciting features like auto HDR mode, Panorama mode, tap focus, slow motion video and burst mode. To adjust the quality of low-light imaging, the rear camera comes with a dual-LED flash which comes in pretty handy.

4K videos:

The phone also lets you record 4K videos at 24 frames per second which is the ultra HD mode.

Internal storage:

The phone is having 64GB internal storage space. We think Motorola has been very generous with this.

Operating system:

It runs on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop version which is upgradable to a higher version. This upgraded version of Lollipop does not have the bugs which could be found in the 5.0 version.


The basic connectivity features like Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi are present on this phone. And light sensor, proximity sensor and accelerometer, Gyroscope, Hall Effect Sensor, IR, Magnetometer are the sensors provided.

Noise cancellation and other features:

It also has effective noise cancellation technology for improving the phone conversations. It can also be accessed by Voice command and gestures. Now, almost all high end phones offer these features so it is not surprising that Motorola chose to add these to the handset.


The graphic card used here is Adreno 420 which aims at providing the user a rich gaming experience.

Why you should buy Motorola Moto Turbo phone:

One can buy this motorola moto turbo mobile phone for all the great features like 21 MP primary camera, 64 GB internal storage space and the whooping 3900 mAh battery which bring s together all the best features and keeps the phone going.

It is also much better than its competitors like Nexus as it offers similar features at a much lower price. The price is another huge advantage to the Moto TURBO. It is a lot cheaper than the other flagship phones of companies it is battling it out.

Motorola Moto Turbo disadvantages:

There is one catch though, the only disadvantage in buying this phone is that there have been some complains of the handset heating up too quickly. Turns out the 3900 mAh might be a little bit on the problem side, maybe it was not such a great idea after all.

Conclusion of Motorola Moto Turbo Review:

Motorola Moto Turbo scores well in almost all the aspects and definitely offers the buyer a lot more options and features than other phones of a higher price range. It is a good handset to get your hands on if you are looking for a performance based cum fun phone. It is the best buy in this price range.

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