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Nokia 130 Full Phone Specifications Review and Price

The Background of Nokia Mobiles

Nokia which recently gained some market share with their Nokia Asha series has since released phones that have catered to the masses. They subsequently sold out to Microsoft and they seem to be continuing the tradition. Although there was speculation that brand name Nokia would not be retained, the new handset has been released with the same name. This may be in order to not jeopardize the consumer’s familiarity with Nokia products.

Nokia 130 Review

The Nokia 130 is a feature rich phone that has been touted as a portable music and video player and has been targeted at the young fun loving crowd. The phone comes in 3 colour variants red, black and white versions.

Nokia 130

Nokia 130

Speaking about the Nokia 130 launch, Raghuvesh Sarup, Director-Marketing  of Nokia India Sales Pvt. Ltd, a unique subsidiary firm of Microsoft Mobile Oy said that the Nokia 130 is ideal for the buyers who will use mobile for the first time or people who  are seeking a dependable backup phone to set off their existing smartphone.

The price of the phone is its best USP as the phone is retailed at Rs 1680 making it within the reach of everyone. The Nokia 130 is without a doubt a feature phone with a universal appeal.

The Display Features of Nokia 130

The phone sports a 1.8 inch QQVGA display with a screen resolution of 160*128 pixels. The pixel density is 114 PPI with a colour depth of 16M. The display technology is LCD tranmissive which is akin to a LCD display screen. The height of the phone is 106mm, width is 45.5mm and the thickness is 13.9 mm and weighs 68.6 gms making it a sturdy phone. It fits well in the palm. The picture sharpness is good as the screen is small so the pixels are squeezed in tightly.  The screen is best viewed indoors. The frame has an exchangeable back flap and is made of solid colour polycarbonate and is compatible to heavy usage.

The surface frame is free of plastic, free of nickel and is free of BFR, rFR and is the most environment friendly phone as the entire packaging of the phone can be recycled. The input is through keypad and has 4-ways Navi key with option select, Call key, alphanumeric keypad, End or Power key

The overall looks of the phone is like any other feature phones from Nokia so the user will know just what exactly he can expect from the phone.

Nokia was always known the producer of user friendly phones and the Nokia 130 is no exception.

The Hardware Specifications of Nokia 130

The Nokia 130 is powered by a 360 MHz single core processor that enables the functioning of the multitude of features of the phone.  The phone has a RAM of 4MB but it is expandable by 32GB via microSD slot. The 4MB may sound too small for users having a smartphone but with the expandable memory should suffice the storage of music, videos as the phone is primarily used for entertainment. The phone is not a smartphone hence does not require too much of inbuilt memory.

The feature phone does not have a camera. The battery capacity is impressive and comes with a removable battery of 1020mAh with a voltage of 3.7V. The battery offers an impressive stand by time of 36 days. The maximum talk time under 2G network is 13 hours which is really good. The phone does not support 3G services.

The phone comes with a dual sim offering the customer the advantage of having two numbers as per his choice.

The Software and other features

The operating system of Nokia 130 is Series 30+ and pretty much supports all the functions of the phone. The phone comprises Bluetooth 3.0 and also Object Push Profile (OPP) 1.1 making it easier to transfer music files and videos or receive them without an internet connection.

The Nokia 130 has other standard features like speed dial, vibrating alerts, Speaker phone, Calculator, Alarm clock.

Video and Audio features

Since the Nokia 130 is being promoted as an entertainment phone let us check the compatibility of the phone for music and videos. The phone supports all audio playback formats such as MIDI, AAC, MP3 and WAV and features an FM Radio. The maximum music playback time is 46 hours. The SD can store up to 6000 songs and can play the songs for 2 days.

Nokia 130 supports Video formats such as H.263, MPEG-4, and M-JPEG and has a video playback time of 16 hours which should provide the user some great entertainment and supports storing of 500 contacts. It has messaging features and even has concatenated SMS for long messages.

The movies, music files and videos can be shared peer to peer using the Bluetooth Slam and hence you do not have to have an internet connection. One can have the files stored in the 32GB SD card and enjoy uninterrupted time of music and entertainment.

The Final Verdict of Nokia 130 Review

The Nokia 130 receives a 5 star rating as it has done full justification in its features. This phone is not to be compared with a smartphone. The phone is an excellent companion for long drawn flights; vacations where you can afford to switch off your expensive smartphone and can afford the luxury of not checking your office mails. The stand by time is excellent and so is the battery backup. The visuals are of decent standards and if you can endure watching videos and movies on a 1.8” screen then the Nokia 130 is an excellent companion on your music and entertainment journeys.

What makes the phone special is that it can be used for its call and SMS features too if one is not too keen on its entertainment value. Here too Nokia 130 scores as it offers a healthy talk time.

The Nokia 130 should prove to be a hit as it can be a great alternative for an expensive smartphone. It is easy on the pocket and since there is no need of an internet for watching and downloading music and videos it will prove to be a huge hit among the college crowd.

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