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Nokia Lumia 830 Review

The Background Details

Nokia has launched some smart phones before it decides to sell its entire stake to Microsoft. Whatever may be the reason; this mobile is a failure as it disappointed customers in almost all aspects such as camera, performance, soft apps, etc. Moreover, this mobile released as the water-down edition when compared with the impressive Nokia Lumia 930. Even though it is a cheap Nokia model, it has impressive looks and fits perfectly in the budget division.

Nokia Lumia 830 Price in India

The customer can buy this Nokia Lumia 830 mobile online in India at the best lowest price Rs. 25,685 and this variant is available in Black, White, Orange, and Green exterior colors.

Nokia Lumia 830 images

Nokia Lumia 830

Nokia Lumia 830 Design Features & Looks

Nokia is famous for developing Smart phones with attractive build quality and style. Therefore, this mobile has similar looks as the Lumia 930. The mobile is covered by a polycarbonate shell that offers more grips to hold. Moreover, the mobile is rounded by a metal frame for premium feel in the hand. However, the back cover can be removed and change with a new one as per the customer satisfaction.

The dimensions are small and impressive, thus makes the phone lighter than the other flagship models. One can feel this mobile weight about 150 grams and 8.5mm of thickness. Therefore, it is slightly thinner than the high-end Lumia 930. The mobile is installed with metallic buttons along with an unimpressive rear camera.

The basic design of this mobile is same as the Lumia 930, which is designed with aluminum frame around the mobile and a polycarbonate back panel.  To design this mobile as a thinner version, the manufacturer has employed Optical Image Stabilization technology. It might be true that the size is reduced due to small camera sensor.

One can select the mobile’s polycarbonate back panel in different shades.  Handsets coming with a black panel have a dark gray colored aluminum strip around the device, whereas the other handsets with different colored back panels have a bright silver colored band. As the phone has the removal back panel, it is more convenient than the Lumia 930. One can open the back panel to find a microSD card slot, SIM tray, and a 2200 mAh battery. As the 930 model doesn’t have the facility of micro SD, this is a plus for the 830. Due to this adaptable feature, it is very convenient to having a removable battery. As this feature is getting appreciations from customers, Microsoft is planning to release its forthcoming models with the same feature.

Nokia Lumia 830 Hardware Specifications

Performance is one of the downsides of this mobile. The internal parts of this handset are same as the Lumia 625. The 830 version is featured with 1GB of RAM and 16 GB internal memory.

Processor: Under the cover, there is a 2.2 GHz quad-core Krait processor and it doesn’t have the usual Windows mobile operations. Usually, the phone maker Microsoft never compromised with the performance quality of any mobile even it belongs to the budget category. Most significantly, the phone maker developed the UI along with some other performance features very efficiently. Even after these upgrades, there is no difference in the performance and response times.

Camera Quality Review: Even though the Lumia 830 is a mid-range mobile, it comes with an excellent 10 MP primary camera. On this mobile, Nokia has employed a PureView Carl Zeiss shooter, which can take excellent pictures in almost all lightning conditions. The camera is also included with optical image stabilization along with a LED flash.

Considering front camera, the mobile is designed with a 0.9 MP front-facing camera, which can take images at 790p of resolution. Even though there is nothing special about the specs of front camera, it is a good one for taking selfies.

Battery Backup Life: Even though this mobile runs on a decent operating system, it is unable to perform as fast Lumia 930. A 2,200 mAh battery is employed in this mobile and it lasts for about 18-20 hours on single charge. Besides, the call quality is superior and call drop issues were not yet reported.

Nokia Lumia 830 OS, Apps

The 830 is designed with a most advanced Windows 8.1 Denim update. It is very easy to customize the home screen with the available icons. Just press and hold the icon and drag to a specified location on the home screen. Like this, one can create a decent and impressive home screen appearance.

The tiled interface of this mobile looks different and is not similar to usual grid grip patterns. If you are a newbie to Windows Phone, first you would feel some difficulty but later it will become a pleasant journey. One can operate this phone with a single hand, as the icons scroll vertically. Another notable thing is that, all optional keys and contextual settings are organized at the screen’s bottom. This is a big advantage of a large sized screen mobile.

This phone doesn’t have lag as it is designed with the Snapdragon 400 SoC. On the other hand, this phone takes some seconds at the time of high-end game loading.

The Nexus 5 phone is available at the same price and is better than the Lumia 830. In case of games, the Microsoft mobile platform is not as catchy as the Android game platforms.

Besides, this mobile is pre-loaded with the Company’s HERE Drive + application. This application lets the user to download map information directly on the handset. Therefore, the user is allowed to download the entire map data of the area.  Once the map downloading process is completed, you can see the downloaded data with no enabled data connection. Most significant plus is the GPS performance, which is outstanding.

The Verdict of Nokia Lumia 830 Review

The Lumia 830 is one of the stylish handsets available in the market. As the mobile is made of premium quality materials, it is slightly expensive and priced at Rs. 25,685. Besides, this mobile offers average camera experience.

This mobile is unable to offer excellent processor and camera performances. But with its unique features, this mobile offers lifetime efficiency.

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