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Nokia X2 Dual Sim Review, Specifications, Comparision and Best Price to Buy in India

Learn About Nokia X2 Dual Sim Review:

Nokia which was at the forefront of the handset revolution was nudged to the side by giant killers like Samsung and Apple. It is also facing a tough battle in Indian markets with indigenous handset manufacturers like Micromax, Intex and Karbonn.

But the strongest point of Nokia has been to provide phones which are aesthetic, durable, user friendly and value for money. Nokia Asha is one such handset which rocked the lower end segment of the market and with Nokia X2 it attempts to provide the consumer a smartphone with a mid price range.

Display of Nokia X2 Dual Sim Mobile

Nokia X2 Dual Sim mobile phone comes in an attractive display screen of 10.92 cms or 4.3 inches with tactile feedback, orientation sensor. The nokia glance screen is highly scratch resistant and is double tapped to being the screen alive. The handset is offered in bright green, orange, white and black. The display screen has a WVGA (800*480) resolution and offers true 24 bit colour with a colour depth of 16M. The pixel density is 217ppi.The display is clear black LCD with touch screen features. The phone comes in dual sim mode with a USB port and offers blue tooth and Wi-Fi. The phone is compatible with 2G/3G network and offers a download speed of 21.1 Mbps and a download speed of 5.76 Mbps making the phone a delight of data users.

Nokia X2 dual sim review, price list in India

Nokia X2 Dual Sim Review

The phone has a unique feature called the FASTLANE.It allows the access of apps smoother and easier and the freedom to switch between the apps easier. The attractive feature of the display also is that it has the icons boldly displayed on the screen enabling the user to access it at a go. 

Hardware specifications of Nokia X2

Nokia X2 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, Dual-core 1.2GHz with 1GB RAM and internal memory of 4GB. But the phone has a MicroSD slot expandable up to 32GB.Th battery backup is impressive and offers a maximum talk time of 10hours in a 2G format and 13 hours on a 3G format. The maximum standby time of the dual sim phone is 23 days so that long distance trip is taken care of.

The unique aspect of Nokia X2 is that it offers its users free cloud storage of 7GB enabling the user to access it from anywhere, anytime and any device.

 The Camera

The touch screen phone offers a main camera but with a 5MP. The picture clarity and quality is vouched for on a Nokia X2 making it a photographer’s delight. The camera has zoom option, auto focus with one touch capture key. The camera also has a LED flash so the flexibility of the camera in under light conditions is pretty good.

The front camera has 0.3MP which is not great but still one can manage to take decent pictures and has even video recording and video call.-

The main camera has touch focus; landscape orientation and auto upload to web services so that the pictured are instantly loaded to Facebook, Twitter giving a real time experience.

Operating system of Nokia X2 Android Mobile Phone

The OS is its own the Nokia X software platform 2.0 version and has an option for software updates through FOTA (over the air). This platform is available in all X series of Nokia. The OS also supports Android applications and hence one should not be too worried that it does not run on Android.

The business applications provided are Microsoft outlook, one drive storage for documents and notes and hence provides an edge to be on top of things even when one is on the move.

The email support is in the form of viewing and editing email attachments, multiple email accounts and HTML mails making it an office goer’s delight.

The call management is smart and provides the feature phone dependability that Nokia is so famous for. It provides device security and provides features like Mobile VPN, data encryption for device and remote policy enforcement .This feature helps to access office mails from the comfort of one’s home or any public place without inviting security lapses. The phone offers Opera as a browsing platform, social apps like Facebook, Twitter and allows video sharing over blue tooth and Wi-Fi hotspot. The navigation feature of Nokia is good with HERE Maps so that one does not get lost in the middle of nowhere. It offers free maps and even offline maps and has GPS.

The phone supports both audio and video formats and makes recording possible. The main video camera supports video streaming and also real time video streaming which is a great experience.

The phone is as per SAR specifications hence making it a user friendly phone.

As always Nokia phones are made with environment friendly materials and are 100% recyclable.

The phone is touted as a smartphone with SKYPE so that staying in touch with friends and family becomes so much easier from any part of the world.

In our nokia x2 dual sim review conclusion, the phone is a clear winner and provides a strong performance in all quarter’s .This should be a popular choice across the spectrum of users who are looking for real smartphone experience at a comfortable price range.

Though the phone uses it own operating system that fact it supports Android should be an attractive feature for buyers who are hooked to Google based services. So if one wants to try a different smartphone with emphasis of easy access to apps one can choose Nokia X2. At the same time it may not be as different as it can support Google services. The idea of buying a NOKIA X2 is not to miss anything at all in terms of its looks, design, applicability and services not to mention the price at which it is sold. The phone also is a great functional phone offering the office professionals to use the phone to check mails and keep in touch with office when they are on the move.

As one user put it “It looks nice in the hand” which clearly shows that the handset has won hands down in both the looks and the performance department.

Price of the Nokia X2 Dual Sim Mobile Phone In India

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