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Non-core, but useful features of a smartphone considered while buying

We do a great deal of research while searching for the perfect smartphone as it’s not every day we get to buy a new phone. The first thing we look for in a smartphone are its specs, we all seem to want a smartphone that has more cores or higher megapixels of the camera, but there are many other aspects too related with smartphones that must be looked into before you buy the phone of your dreams. This guide should prove sufficient in answering various non-core but useful features of a smartphone that should be considered while buying.
Features of Smartphone
1. Find the right size
Many users buy such smartphones that are totally not suitable for their general use, for e.g. When Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 was launched having amazing features topped with calling facility, many users purchased it blindly without thinking much about its utility. After using it for a short period of time, many complained about the portability of the device and the ridiculousness of calling with such big-screened device. So, before buying the irresistible phablet you had locked your eyes on, think about its utility for you. If you have bigger hands or you can manage a large screen phone then go for it, otherwise, it’s advisable to go for a normal device that is easy to use on a daily basis.
Various Mobile Sizes
2. The Memory Confusion
If you are searching for smartphones like that of an iPhone then this section is not for you and you can skip this section, but if you are searching for a smartphone that runs on other OS then you have to think for the internal memory.Almost all smartphones have some internal memory provided in them while also the majority of them feature a MicroSD card slot that allows for memory expansion. It depends on your needs if you want a phone that has a large internal memory or a phone with less internal memory but has a MicroSD card slot. There are ultra-fast Class 10 Micro SD cards available in the markets that prove more economical than buying a smartphone of the higher model which could be expensive. If you need space just for storing images and videos then you should go for Micro SD card enabled smartphone, but if you are interested in multitasking and using various types of heavy apps then you should surely consider smartphones that have higher internal memory.Memorysize of Smartphone

3. Test the screen
Touchscreen is the most important part of the smartphone as you interact with the phone by using it, even if you are not touching it then you would be gazing it. So, it’s very important to find the right choice as you could choose from plain or aesthetic, bright or dim, clean, cheap or sharp.

If you are very peculiar about the touch screen, then you could also check for it, different screens like AMOLED or LCD have their own pros and cons and the best way to test them is by using the phone. You can also check its touch interface as the screen may be capacitive, multi-touch, and resistive or something else entirely. Whatever may be the specification of the screen, the best way to test the touchscreen is by testing it how it behaves when you use it in the store. To be very sure about the touchscreen, straight away go to the virtual keyboard and observe if it types easily. You can also open the paint app and test if the touch delivers a consistent performance.

Touch Screen Smartphones

4. But the right resolution
Coming to the resolution of the screen, there are lots of phones that offer high resolution, but you should be smart enough to understand its utility, again. Higher resolution means more pixels per inch (ppi) which in turn produces sharper and more detailed images. High-end flagship phones may offer very high pixels, while some exceeding the 420 mark. Any smartphone that has more than 300 ppi is decent enough; cause after that one can’t differentiate anymore over the ppi. Search for such smartphones that offer screen resolution in the 300 ppi range, instead of smartphones that offer more ppi with its added costs.

Different Resolutions

5. Connectivity
Connectivity doesn’t necessarily mean mobile connection, as the smartphones nowadays could connect using other means. Before buying the phone, one should have look for other connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth, Infrared, USB, HDMI/TV-out, Wi-Fi Hotspot etc. If the phone you are looking for has all these features, then half of the work is already done. If the connectivity of the phone also includes support for the newer and faster networks like 4G/LTE, then it’s an icing on the cake.

Smartphone Network Connectivity - 2G 3G 4G Wifi Bluetooth Infrared

Buying a smartphone is a great decision, but buying a smartphone that fulfills all your objectives is an art. It’s not necessary that the high-end flagship phones of major companies would fulfill all your objective, but rather it could only end up making a big hole in your pocket. Making an informed decision before buying a smartphone would prove beneficial for years to come, and so it’s mandatory to look at all aspects of the phone before buying it.

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