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Prices of Samsung Galaxy E5 and E7 marked down!

Samsung which has a reputation of selling smart phones in all price ranges recently marked down the prices of Samsung Galaxy E5 and E7 within weeks of their launch. Samsung Galaxy E5 which was originally priced 19000 INR is now available in all e-commerce sites for 17900 INR while Galaxy E7, originally priced 23000 INR, can now be purchased at 20900 INR. The smart phones were launched in January this year and hit the markets in February. Opinions stating that the handsets were slightly over priced for their features and the lukewarm response from the buyers seem to have triggered the drop. Taking into account that the other companies, especially its competitors like Micromax, offer the same features at a much lower price Samsung has made the right decision to cut down the prices. Though it is not a huge drop, it is still a relief to those who had their eyes on these handsets but were hesitant because of the price. Let us now briefly go over the features of these two handsets and see if they can fair well in the market.

Samsung Galaxy E5:

Samsung Galaxy E5

Samsung Galaxy E5

The Galaxy E5 is a Dual-SIM metal body smart phone.

Battery: Like all the other metal body phones by Samsung it comes with a 2400 mAh non-removable battery. The non-removable battery is the main reason why most of the users don’t go for metal body phone.

Display: Moving on, it comes in a 5-inch fabulous AMOLED capacitive touch-screen with a good 720 x 1280 pixels resolution at 294 ppi pixel density.


OS and Memory: It runs on Android v4.4.4 KitKat OS which is upgradable to Lollipop. The 16 GB internal memory is expandable up to 64 GB.

Camera: The phone offers an 8MP primary camera with features like auto-focus, face detection, LED flash, panorama and a 5MP secondary camera.

Processor and other features: Other features include proximity sensor, accelerometer and active noise cancellation facilities with the only let down being the 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. The phone would have functioned really well on a 1.5 GHz processor.

Colors: It is available in three colors, black, white and an all new brown color.

Samsung Galaxy E7:

Samsung Galaxy E7

Samsung Galaxy E7

The Galaxy E7 has similar specs to its predecessor with differences in the screen size, RAM, camera and battery. The E7 is bigger by 0.5 inches and operates on a 2 GB RAM.

Battery: The battery is 2950 mAh Li-ion battery.

Camera: The primary camera is 13 megapixels while the secondary camera is 5MP.

Processor and Storage: 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 16 GB internal storage. The processor is again a let down here.

Resolution: 1280×720 megapixels resolution stay the same as seen in E5.

Colors: E7 is available in the same three colors, Black, brown and white.

Mobiles Comparison:

If camera is your first priority and Samsung is your choice, then these phones are just for you. With a 5MP secondary camera in both the handsets, they can be seen as a boon to all the selfie lovers! They are a slightly pricey but the features like 16 GB internal storage and 2 GB RAM doesn’t come for cheap. On the other hand, if a good processor tops your wish list then you are looking in the wrong aisle. There is not much difference between the two phones. Both the phones also have 4G features.

Competition in Indian Mobile Market between some Top handsets:

Samsung has always had competition at all levels because of the wide range of smart phones available for different groups of buyers. The new smart phones Galaxy E5 and E7 were launched with a hefty price tag but with the competition increasing day by day, Samsung was forced to cut down the prices within a month. It still has a lukewarm response in the market because of the strong competitors.

The major competitors for E5 are HTC Desire 816 G and Huawei Honor 6. Both the phones are available in the same price range with much more exciting features.

Samsung Galaxy E5 vs. HTC Desire 816G

Samsung Galaxy E5 vs. HTC Desire 816G completely wins over E5 by offering the only features that E5 lacks. It comes with a 1.7 GHz Octa-core processor which is a huge plus next to the E5’s 1.2 GHz quad core processor. It also features a 13 MP primary camera with much better picture quality and the phone operates on a 2600 mAh battery with the only downside being the 8GB internal memory. Nevertheless, it is expandable up to 128 GB.

Samsung Galaxy E5 vs. Huawei Honor 6

Samsung Galaxy E5 vs. Huawei Honor 6 is new in the Indian market but has been making waves ever since its introduction. Honor 6 beats even HTC with its exciting specs like 3GB RAM and 3000 mAh battery. The processor is 1.7 GHz Octa core, which is again greater than E5’s. The internal memory is 16GB which is expandable up to 32GB. There is no question of lag because of the powerful processor and the standby time is also fair. In terms of looks, the Honor 6 is mesmerizing featuring an optical glare back cover. The only aspect in which Honor 6 fails to beat E5 is the price. It costs 17,999 but it is worth the extra bucks.

The Samsung Galaxy E7 has competition from LG G3 and the upcoming Asus ZenFone 2.

Samsung Galaxy E7 vs. LG G3

Samsung Galaxy E7 vs. LG G3 which was launched in May 2014 has a 5.5 inch LCD touch screen with an amazing 1440 x 2560 pixels high quality resolution. It has a 13MP primary camera with a dual LED flash light but the secondary camera is only 2.1 MP. It has a 3000 mAh battery and 3072 MB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy E7 vs. Asus ZenFone 2

Samsung Galaxy E7 vs. Asus ZenFone 2 is an upcoming model that is said to hit the stands in the month of March. It gives E7 a strong competition as it is said to be priced in the same range and has a lot of additional features. ZenFone 2 comes operates Android 5.0 OS in a 5.5 inch LCD display screen with a higher resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. It also has corning gorilla glass for protection, though it is unsure if it is a benefit or disturbance, there are people who still look for this feature. The 13 MP camera with features like autofocus, face detection, touch to focus, exposure compensation, smile detection, white balance presets, geo tagging ,digital zoom, and high Dynamic Range (HDR) mode, it is sure to beat the picture quality of Samsung Galaxy E7. The minimum internal memory offered is 16 GB and the battery is 3000 mAh. It is said to have either 2.3 GHz quad-core or 1.8 GHz quad-core processor, both of which are better than E7’s 1.2 GHz processor. With all these features and more, it is not surprising to find heads turning away from Samsung to Asus.

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