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Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Price & Background

One of the decent smart phone manufacturers Samsung succeeded in developing the mobiles with big screens. The phone maker has experienced a great success with the introduction of Galaxy Grand 2 in the lineup of Galaxy. One can purchase this mobile by spending mrp Rs. 16,249/-.

This mobile is packed with almost all advanced features along designed with sophisticated technology. However, this doesn’t make this mobile exclusive since there are many other superior models available in market in the same price range. In this post, one can find detailed information of Galaxy Grand 2’s performance, specifications, and features here.

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

samsung galaxy grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Review

Display Screen: The phone maker’s recent edition, the Galaxy Grand 2 has a 5.25-inch screen with a resolution of 720×1280 and the screen is 0.05 inches smaller than the original Galaxy Note. Even the screen size is smaller, both Grand 2 and Galaxy Note have same screen resolution.

Design: At 1st glance, this mobile has outstanding looks. The front size is just same as traditional design of Samsung’s lineup. As its predecessor, this mobile has the same square shaped design. Around this mobile, one can find a glossy chrome-finished ring along with a shiny earpiece.

The phone has the slightly raised capacitive touch variety menu and back buttons. The icons get active while using this device. Otherwise, they are inactive and one cannot see them. This feature makes the screen looks tidy. Coming to the back, it is in faux-leather texture, which is the traditional design of Samsung. For the first time, Samsung used this design for the Galaxy S4, S4 Mini, and Galaxy Note 3 versions. However, the phone doesn’t look great from back than its front. These are some downsides in the design of this device.

At the back side, one can peels of the plastic very easily to access the card and battery slots. One can find the SIM card slot under the battery. So, you need to remove the battery every time to reach the card slots. Since the micro SD slot is organized on the top of the primary SIM slot, it is little disgusting to insert the SIM card.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is not very heavy or bulky, one can type messages or play games very easily.

Sleek and stylish appearance of Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Hardware Specifications

Processor: The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is designed with a Quad core processor, which runs at 1200 MHz. Even the processor has lesser quad-core offering, it is comparatively powerful than the other processors from Broadcom and Mediatek, which traditional processor makers for the phones available at this price.

Performance oriented Quad core processor

Camera Features: Yes, the camera designed for this mobile is same as its predecessor. This 8MP camera has many options such as Sports and Night, Panorama, Rich Tone (HDR), Best Face, Beauty Face, and Continuous Shot. Beauty face option the default feature for the camera. If the user switches the phone to the camera mode, this option comes automatically.  The user can control the social sharing, voice commands, storage location, timer, and flash options of the camera. In day light, anyone should be amazed with the performance of this camera. While shooting videos, they store in impressive 720p format. Moreover, this mobile has a 1.9 MP front-facing camera, which is used to take selfies.

Impressive 8 MP primary and 1.9 MP secondary cameras

Battery: Coming to the battery, the phone is equipped with the Li-ion 2,600 mAh battery. In 2G and 3G networks, the battery lasts for 17 hours of talking and 370 hours of standby time. Even the figures are not great; the power is satisfactory for a device with such bigger display.

Internal & External Storage: The internal storage of this device is 8GB and it can be expandable up to 64 GB using a micro SD card. The two SIM cards using in this mobile are designed to make use of GSM standard. Moreover, the SIM cards with this device are designed to support 21 Mbps of 3G speed.

Unimpressive Samsungs Li-ion mAh battery

Even the mobile is priced highly; the screen is designed with LCD technology. This is not satisfactory because the other Samsung variants at this price are designed with AMOLED type screen, which is very expensive and advanced.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Supportable Softwares

Operating System: The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is installed with an Android 4.3 operating system, which is supported with 1536 MB RAM. Since the device is with 1536 MB RAM, one can perform all operations very fast. Since the mobile has a decent RAM, you can do multitasking like listening music while browsing.

Most advanced Android 4.3 operating system

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Apps: Coming to apps, this mobile is equipped with almost all advanced applications of high-end models at this price. Some of the most common Android applications are standard Bluetooth 4.0, dual-band Wi-Fi, rotation and orientation, proximity, magnetic, and acceleration sensors. Apart from these, the mobile is designed to download many other useful applications, which are specifically for other operating system oriented mobiles.

Siri Feature: This phone comes with an intelligent feature “Siri” that acts like your personal assistant and makes your life easier. Siri responds to the voice commands of you. If you want to know the status of weather, it gives the present status correctly. The predictions of Siri about weather are really compromising. This intelligent Siri also gives directions from one place to another place. Moreover it tells about the eating places nearby.  This phone comes with the Wi-Fi set up that allows you to use your laptop, provided it is installed with a wireless card. One can make calls, text messages, and email from this phone. Along with them, it is possible to download audio and video files, check Facebook, and play games.

The Final Verdict of Samsung Grand 2 Review

The world-leading phone maker Samsung launches its most advanced second generation Galaxy Grand 2 variant in different shades such as white, black, etc. This mobile is especially designed for the potential customers and is available at 16,249/-. As per reviews, it is competing with the Apple 6S and other market leading smart phones.

This dual SIM Samsung Galaxy Grand is designed to use 2G, 3G, as well as 4G networks. Since it can use 4G network also, this mobile is considered as future generation smart phone.

If you are looking to purchase an expensive Android based smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is one of the decent options. With its sleek looks and performance, this mobile is making much noise in India now.

Different variants of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

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