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Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus- An affordable Phone with adorable features


Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus is one of the latest additions in Samsung family. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus has been released in January 2015. It has incredible features, which made everyone buy it. Galaxy Grand Neo Plus is a definition of second generation mobiles with a large display screen, high-value processor, high capacity battery, desirable design, perfect cameras and above all its multi-tasking ability. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus is a refined innovation of Samsung Grand neo’s family. This is a unique phone which has a style and is individual to itself. This phone was announced as well as released in February 2015.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus

Design Specifications:

The phone has a touchscreen. It has a length of 143.70 mm, a width of 77.10 mm and a thickness of 9.50 mm. the phone has a mere weight of 160 grams. Owing this much large display and such dimensions, this phone is smart and slim. The phone is available in magnificent colors as black, white and gold. These colors make the phone look even more expensive, which in real it is not. it has slot for a single SIM which is of normal size. it is available in white color.

Display Screen Features:

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus has a HD display screen of 5 inches. The screen has a resolution of 480 * 800 pixels. It has a touch screen which is capacitive in nature. It is rich in colors because the color density of screen is 16 millions. This phone is specially designed for one handed operations. Single hand calling and texting is not a problem any more with this phone.

Battery Backup Life:

Battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus is 2100 mAh. This much high battery capacity, provides the phone with increased talk time and stand by time. the battery is removable which provides it with further advantage. It has a stand by time of more than 430 hours and a talk time of up to 11 hours. Audio playback time of the phone is 38 hours whereas video playback time is 8 hours. Wi Fi can be used on this phone for up to 10 hours.

Camera Features:

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus is equipped with two cameras. A rear camera of 5 mega pixel and a front camera of 2 mega pixels is packaged in the phone. The rear camera also has LED flash. Rear camera of the phone also features geo tagging and auto focus. Videos can also be recorded with this phone at 720 pixels at 30 fps.

Memory Storage:

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus has an internal memory of 8 GB. It has a RAM of 1 GB. The storage is expandable with the help of micro SD card. A micro SD card of up to 64 GB can be used. 2 Apps can also be opened at once because of its multi window. Popup Play is present in this phone which enable the Apps to adjust and re- size themselves to fit to the screen for multi tasking.


Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus has a processor of 1.2 GHz. This phone can be connected to Wi Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, headphones, FM radio and micro USB. It does not support an NFC connection. The phone supports 2 SIMS. Both the SIMS are regular. SIM1 supports 3G whereas SIM2 does not support it however GSM is supported by both the SIMS. It has a more powerful processor as compared to the previous iterations. Seamless videos and Apps can be used on this mobile. It does not lag a single time and provides completely smooth multi tasking.

Operating system:

Operating system of android 4.4 is present in it. the software also supports Java as well as HTML. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus is equipped with various sensors like proximity sensor, accelerometer, ambient light sensor and gyroscope. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus can be connected to Wi Fi, DLNA, NFC and Bluetooth.


If you wish to buy a phone which allow multi-tasking and provides perfect performance then you must go for this. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus is meant for people who perform multiple tasks on phones. Whether it be internet browsing, web surfing, video watching or game playing, this phone is best for all. It is an all in one phone which help the users to do whatever they want. High battery capacity and long talk time has made this phone even better. It can not be said as the newest iteration of Samsung Galaxy because every other day, a new iteration is added. But this phone surely has a class and high quality which has made it gain a position in the market and make Samsung earn a lot of money. People are surely highly attracted towards this phone due to the sole reason of low price and immense features.

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