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Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 Price in India & Background

One of the electronic giants Samsung has released one more budget phone in its Galaxy lineup called S Duos 3 with some improved design aspects of the previous Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 mobile.

This budget smart phone is launched by the phone maker Samsung in August 2014. Moreover, the mobile is available at MRP Price Rs. 6, 990/-. Moreover, this mobile is available in black and gray colors. Same as its predecessor, this mobile has the similar specifications along with improved design aspects. This phone is competing with all budget handsets available in the mobile market.

Introduction of budget Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3

Since the feature of dual SIM technology is more popular today, this mobile is also designed with it and available as a dual SIM variant.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 Review

Read the complete information about Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 in this review.

Design: Coming to the design, the Galaxy S Duos 3 carries the same design cues of the previous Duos 2. From its front, one can find an ear piece over the top of this mobile. Behind the Home button, there are two touch sensors and a Home key are organized. A Multi function micro USB slot is organized at the mobile’s posterior end, whereas at its anterior end a 3.5mm jack is designed.

At its right, the phone was organized with a power button but the volume controls are mounted at its left. However, the design at the back side of this mobile is same as Duos 2. On its back panel, a Samsung logo is designed but the primary camera is installed just above the logo. As its previous model, the build quality is well and the whole body is made of plastic.

Screen: The S Duos 3 is designed with a TFT Capacitive 4.0 inches touch screen, which has the pixel density of about 223 PPI. Even this smart phone doesn’t even have excellent pixel density, the screen performs quite decent. Contrasting saturated and bright AMOLED panels, this panel is dull, especially under high lights.

A 4-inch TFT Capacitive touch screen

This device gives same looks as Galaxy S3 because of its button positioning and design. Considering its dimensions, this handset is measured about 121.4 x 62.9 x 10.8 mm. In addition, one can feel its weight approximately 124 grams. With these dimensions, the mobile looks compact and it can fit in anybody’s palm comfortably.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 Hardware Specifications

Processor: Usually, the phone maker uses proprietary processors for its handsets. The dual core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor powers this Duos 3. This processor is supported with an internal memory of 4GB and a 512 working RAM. Furthermore, this internal memory can be enhanced to 32GB.

Heavy duty Adual core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor

Camera Features: Coming to image focusing, the automaker mounts a couple of camera modules in the handset for internet calls and occasional snapshots. The rear camera is featured with a resolution of 5MP, which is coupled to an autofocus and LED flash. The secondary VGA camera is not very impressive. However, this front-facing can be used for Skype and other video calls.

Battery: This phone is shipped with a non-removable Li-ion battery, which has the ability to deliver 1500 mAh. Efficiency of this power-case is impressive as it is an usual battery for other budget handset.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 Supportable Softwares

Operating System: The phone maker delivers this dual SIM handset with Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system. This OS is programmed on an Adual core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor and is supported by a 512 MB RAM. Some of the traditional Samsung’s applications, which are usual on all Samsung’s handsets, are Samsung apps. Game Hub and Chat On are installed in this mobile.

Impressive 4.4.2 KitKat operating system

Dual SIM: Moreover, one of the goodies of this device is dual SIM efficiency, with this technology; the customer can use these two SIMs at the same time.

Android Apps: Considering the software applications, this handset is packed with most of the advanced apps of the available budget phones. Some usual Android apps such as acceleration, magnetic, proximity, orientation and rotation sensors, dual-band Wi-Fi, and a traditional Bluetooth 4.0 are available in this handset. Besides, one can download as many features as he wants in this mobile.

The Verdict of Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 is an impressive dual SIM android based handset, which is available at a cheaper price.

In the world of dual SIM technology, this mobile’s closest competitors are all budget smart phones that belong to same price category.

However, the Duos 3 is an impressive mid-ranger. Apart from this, this mobile offers unpleasant feel with its thicker and cheap plastic body design. Additionally, this mobile cannot perform 720p video recording. On the other side, this handset offers excellent grip and smooth performance. Still, this mobile meets most of the expectations of the user.

Impressive appearance of Duos 3

For impressive performance, this handset comes with the Adual core Cortex-A7 processor that is supported by the Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system.

In the bottom line, the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 is one of the premium handsets below Rs. 10, 000/-. It is especially designed to meet the necessary requirements of the customers.

Some of the better budget phones such as Karbonn, Micromax, Xolo, Lava, etc perform better than this mobile. However, these mobiles suffer unimpressive after sales support.

This budget smart phone is available with a price tag of Rs. 6, 990/-. In addition, one can select this mobile among grey and black colors. Similar to the previous version, this smart phone is designed with the same configuration along with some upgraded design cues.

There is no 2nd opinion about the SAMSUNG Galaxy S Duos 3 is a rock-solid, well-built handset, which is featured with the innovative and exiting dual SIM technology. If you are looking to purchase a smart phone with two SIMs, he cannot get other smart phone other than this mobile. This is because; the remaining smart phones are proving poor performance with its dual technology. Therefore, the Galaxy S Duos 2 and 3 are the only available smart phones with the advanced dual SIM technology.

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