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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Though Featured Loaded but Surprisingly Without SD Slot

After a gigantic hit of Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung has now launched Galaxy S6 Edge+ with added features to give much better experience to its users. Not a surprise, where the new version wraps all the features of Galaxy S6 Edge which can be defined as good. But on a bigger scale, the new Edge+ has 5.7″ display along with more unique features that can make it stand apart from the earlier version. Due to its bigger size, the new version has already getting itself famed in the Phablet world.

The larger S6 Edge Plus shares similar specifications with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 except trademark stylus. The screen of the Edge+ wraps around on each side with some shortcuts on it to enable to do something on side display.


Apart from the side screen, the instrument has the same premium design that we all prefer to have always. The combination of metal and glass like other dearer phones from Samsung family, makes the Edge+ best looking phones in the category. It is attractive as paired with premium materials to make it appear snazzy with dual-curved display. But the sleek look has made it to sacrifice removable battery and microSD card slot.


Despite the wraparound sides, the size of the screen measures fablet length of 5.7 inches. Above the screen, the 5 mega-pixel camera along with cluster of sensors is present. Immediately below there is physical home button with its two touch-sensitive sidekicks, the Recent and Back buttons. In a very easy mode, you can launch the Google by pressing and holding the home button.


On the rear side, the phone rests with a smooth, reflective backing along with 16-megapixel camera mount, flash and heart-rate reader. The camera module does slightly pucker out, but that’s also because the rest of the phone is so thin and flat.


The Galaxy S6 Edge+ has a superior display than S6 Edge despite little drop in density. The less density in the Edge+ appears to be in its favor as it is claims to be one of the densest displays in the market.

We get neutral colors for this series: black, white, silver and gold, though not every region may sell every color.


The internal specs of Edge+ are similar to that of Note 5 and to its sibling S6 Edge. The S flagship of Samsung is certainly the fastest and slickest version and Galaxy S6 Edge+ being a part of it has raised with 4 GB internal RAM. Though the 4GB RAM seems to outgrow few performance issues, but it is quite early to comment on that.

Due to its sleekness, the battery of Galaxy S6 Edge+ is non-removable but the same has been upgraded to 3000mAh capacity which is expected to last full day.


The Edge+ has sufficient 32GB storage capacity which can be increased upto 64GB if required. But as mentioned, the most disappointing feature is the absence of microSD slot.


The S6 Edge+ is loaded with 5 mp front-facing which is really inspiring for selfie crazier. The 16 mp rear camera is also sufficient to replace typical camera if you are not really photography enthusiastic.


The handset is loaded with Samsung Exynos 7 octa-core processor (2.1GHz quad-core, plus 1.5GHz quad-core chips).


With this new version, Samsung has updated TouchWiz that now has sharper icons. Other than this, the TouchWiz has some addditional features with few tweaks.

One of the welcoming change is the addition of App shortcuts to the Edge screen where you can add shortcuts for 5 of your favorite apps. This feature can save a tap or two of the user. Compared to Galaxy S6 Edge, the addition of Edge screen is a wonderful improvement and we shall look forward to many such interesting improvements in upcoming versions.

Nevertheless, but Samsung has always satisfied the requirements of music and media lovers. The new broadcast option will let you share to Youtube directly from the camera which is really appealing to the users. In the absence of the card slot, the direct upload option would be a savior.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is loaded with good features and that makes it to score 97 points on

As a Galaxy S6 Edge user, the larger device is appealing but the dual curves are less ergonomically-friendly. As the appearance of the Edge+ is almost similar to that of its sibling Galaxy S6 Edge, it failed to create excitement among the buyers. It is curved for the big-screen market and designed purely in mind for those who liked the Galaxy S6 Edge but found it too small for their needs.

However, if you are seriously looking for which is completely loaded along with Edge Screen that can serve your purpose, then Galaxy S6 Edge+ is certainly one to consider.

The information shared above is just preliminary and we certainly have much to talk about it as we analyze its performance in the market. But we would be willing to hear from you too. Do let us know your views in the comments below.

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