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Sony Xperia Z4 – Upcoming Phone Review, Specifications

Just when everyone thought that Sony was done with Smart phones, it bounced back by announcing the launch of the Sony Xperia Z4. So, Sony is going for two flagships a year, which makes sense as it requires time to release upgrades. It is expected to be launched in the MWC meet this year, that’s happening in March this year. The Xperia Z4 is another hot release that everyone’s been talking about and yes, Xperia Z4 does offer a lot to talk about. Looking at the features so far it looks like its battling it out with Samsung Galaxy S6. Sony, so far, has had little luck in the Smartphone market as most of the phones fail to deliver good performance with one or two exceptions. Its last launch Z3 did not fare well in the market due to various problems, one of the main problems being bugs. It is evident that Sony is trying to regain its stand in the market with the introduction of Xperia Z4. Along with the Z4 phone, the rumor about Z4 Tablet which is believed to be ultra thin with a powerful processor and much more exciting specs is also afloat. The tablet and the phone are said to release together, but there is no official announcement from the Japanese manufacturer yet. Let’s have a preview of some features that the phone is said to offer.

sony xperia z4

Sony Xperia z4

Sony Xperia Z4 Specifications:

Highly water resistant: Sony’s trademark waterproof and dustproof design will be featured on this model also. These are two features that set it apart from the Samsung Galaxy S6. And there are some buyers who choose Xperia phones just for the water-resistant feature. This phone is said to be highly water resistant with an IP68 standard certification. Some websites claim that it can be underwater for as longs as 30mins.

Display: According to a leading website, the Z4 is said to have a 5.5 inch capacitive IPS LCD display screen. It is also said to have a 4K Ultra HD display, which was promised in the Z3 but didn’t perform quite well in that model.

4X HD: The 4 times richer HD display will provide sharper images that can be viewed amazingly on a 5.5 inch or bigger LCD screen. A shatter proof glass will be used for the display.

Resolution: The resolution is believed to be somewhere around 2560 x 1440 pixels which is pretty great for a 5.5 inch Smartphone.

Multi-Touch feature: It takes the multi touch feature to a whole new level with the screen, allowing and sensing the touch by 10 fingers, at the same time.

Processor: To support such great resolution and display, the phone is built on Qualcomm’s first ever 64-bit Snapdragon 810 2.8 GHz processor which would boost the performance of the phone.

Fingerprint scanner: Following the footsteps of its rival, Samsung, Sony might actually feature a fingerprint scanner in the lock screen for security. It will be nevertheless exciting to see how Sony manages to pull it off as Samsung has been failing at it for a long time now. Apple is the only company to have a proper TouchID sensor.

Memory: It will also come with a 32GB internal memory that is expandable with a MicroSD.

OS: It will operate on an Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, which is considered to be the best Android OS so far. Since it does not customize the Android OS like Samsung, the user can experience the first class android experience without any lags.

Camera: Just like its competitor, Sony focuses on Camera quality and is said to provide 20MP Primary camera. Sony is known for its image quality and camera has been one of its strongest aspects. The camera’s sensor is known to get an upgrade along with the primary camera. Z4 might feature a 4.7 MP or higher secondary camera to attract the selfie lovers.

Battery: The phone might operate on a 3000 mAh or higher Li-ion battery and due to the high capacity, it is most likely to be non-removable. The specs can be observed to be performance oriented and we think this is one of the aspects that Sony should focus on to bounce back in the race.

Design: One other aspect that Sony should look into is the design, its perfect rectangular frame with big bezels in the tops and bottom is a little off-putting. Though it’s sleek, it fails to create a good impact in your hands. So if Sony works on the design and the bugs that caused trouble in most of the Z3 handsets, Z4 could actually rule the market. It looks like Sony has focused on the basics to win over customers.

Ultra-thin screen: The body of the phone is said to be ultra thin.

Better video shooting: In Z3 and Z2 one cannot shoot a full HD video for more than 5 minutes, this handset Z4 is said to provide better quality video experience with ultra HD capture and playback at low power option.

Interactive screen: It is loaded with features like voice activation, air gestures and ultrasound pen.

Competition: Sony Xperia Z4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6

Its main rival so far is the Samsung Galaxy S6 which has similar features. The Z4 has huge added advantages like expandable storage and providing the users with pure and rich android experience. The 64 bit processor has also been making news lately and with such a powerful processor Z4 will definitely defeat S6 in terms of performance.


Its main competitor is the S6 and as far as the specs are concerned Z4 is a sure winner. Only time can tell if Z4 will live up to the expectations both performance-wise and quality-wise. With Z3 not being able to make a mark in the industry, it will come as a huge disappointment if Z4 manages to meet the same after as its predecessor.


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