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Top 5 Best Micromax Smart Phones under Rs 20,000 in India

Micromax the Indian handset manufacturer is giving Samsung the run for its money in the smartphone market. They have released smartphones which match the features of Samsung and have managed to beat them at their own game. Pricing has been the biggest strength of Micromax for the smartphones as all are good value propositions.

Learn About Top 5 Best Micromax Smartphones Which Are Trending in the Indian market.

Micromax Canvas Nitro A310
1. Micromax Canvas Nitro A310

Which is targeted at the mid range segment The smartphone, which is priced at Rs 12999 boasts of a 5 inch HD IPS screen offering a 1280*720 screen resolution. The screen offers a clear view of the screen from any angle and is smudge proof the result of greasy palms. The phone offers good multitasking options as it is powered by 1.7GHz Tru-Octacore Mediatek 6592 CPU, Quad core ARM mali 450@700MHz GPU and 2 GB RAM. Battery backup is a good 10 hours. The phone offers both a front camera with 5MP and the rear camera at a smart 13MP. The operating system is a 4.4.2 Kitkat the standard for most of the smartphones in the market and also for Micromax. It is 2G/3G/CDMA compatible and has 32GB expandable memory.

Micromax A300 Canvas Gold

2. Micromax A300 Canvas Gold

The high end variant which is still a bestselling smartphone for its superb features in terms of its looks and performance. The touch screen phone has a gold frame sleek looks powered by 2 GHz Tru Octa Core processor which helps to multitask seamlessly between the apps.The screen is a huge 5.5 inch full HD screen with 400 PPI for absolute sharp images. The operating system is a 4.4.2 Kitkat version. The phone has both a front camera with 5MP for selfie moments and a 16MP rear camera for those favorite moments. The camera boasts of recording and taking pictures at the same time. The smartphones is pre -loaded with a host of favourite apps. The best feature of the phone is its 32GB internal memories making the expandable memory option look outdated even though it has provided with the option to do so. The battery offers a capacity of 2300 mAh and is compatible with 2G/3G in one of the dual sims. Priced at Rs 18848 this continues to be the money spinner for Micromax.

Micromax Canvas Knight A 350

3. Micromax Canvas Knight A 350

This smartphone is known for its stunning visual design and has garnered rave reviews for its features and performance. With a 5 inch scratch resistant screen, full HD 1920*1080 IPS screen resolution and colour depth of 16.7M, the phone powered by 1.Ghz processor promises advanced web browsing , sleek user interface , superb gaming experience. The operating system is an Android 4.4.2 Kitkat that is the standard staple of all Micromax smartphones. The battery has a capacity of 2350mAh with a talk time of 7.5 hours and standby time of 175 hours. The phone has a front camera with 8MP and the rear camera with 16MP auto focus. The internal storage is 25GB with a micro slot for expandable memory. This is another winner from the Micromax with claims of the phone being furiously fast. Priced at RS 17810 this is good buy.

Micromax canvas Turbo A 250

4. Micromax canvas Turbo A 250

The leap from an Indian brand ambassador Akshay Kumar to an international one (Hugh Jackman) which pretty much the intention of Micromax to go global with the launch of this phone. This was released in October 2013 and continues to be a seller. The phone has a 5 inch screen with display resolution of 1080*1920 and 441PPI that promises good picture quality. The hardware is a dependable 1.5Ghz Media tek quad processor; 2GB RAM which makes multitasking easy and an internal storage of 16GB making it a storage worthy phone. Two cameras are offered with the front at 5MP and the rear at 16MP. An operating system of Kitkat 4.2 with both the dual sim offering 3G connectivity that makes it an attractive buy. The phone offers the standard features of GPS, Wi-Fi and Blue tooth and with a price of Rs 12295 still has the consumers opting to buy this phone.

Micromax Canvas L A 108

5. Micromax Canvas L A 108

It is a smartphone version with at a slightly watered down features. Nevertheless it is a good sturdy phone from the Micromax stables. The screen is a wide 5.5 inches powered by 1.3Ghz Quad Core processor. It has full high definition but with a 540*960 resolution may not offer a high picture quality but will provide a decent one. The operating system is again Android Kitkat 4.4.2 which makes browsing and switching between apps easy at a healthy speed. It has dual cameras with 8MP rear and 2MP in the front is good if not great when compared to other Micromax variants. This is specifically touted as a 3G compatible phone with data download of 21Mbps. Storage capacity is expandable up to 32 GB but the RAM with 1GB does not offer anything new. The battery offers a talk time of 8 hours with 210 hrs of standby time and a capacity of 2350mAh. The price currently at Rs Rs 9070 offers a great value for money for consumers wanting a phone within a decent budget.

Micromax has been lauded for providing a stiff competition to foreign brands like Samsung, Nokia, Apple with its indigenous smartphones. As the first Indian company which made smartphones an affordable prospect for millions of consumers in India; it has grown at a rapid pace. It has paved the way for other Indian brands to manufacture smartphones and offer them at smart prices to the Indian consumers.

The company has significantly contributed to the market penetration with its economical, value mode, budgeted phones. These phones which offer high end features with a low end prices are an attractive buy for the cost conscious consumers.

The company with its tie ups with various telecom operators has managed to carve a strong presence in India. The mix of budgeted phone coupled with the high end phones has helped Micromax spread its operations even to Nepal and Russia.

This is all about Top 5 Best Micromax Smart Phones which are available in India below Rs 20,000.


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