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Top 5 Best Selling Samsung Smartphones in India

Samsung is the undisputed market leader of smartphones in India according to the market estimates. It has gathered 32% of the market share which is phenomenal. The sale of Samsung smartphones continues to increase even though the sales have dropped for other brands.

Check out below for top best selling samsung smartphones list, reviews and it’s price in India.

1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

S5 and S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5

We start with the Samsung Galaxy S5 the advanced version of its predecessor the Samsung Galsxy S4. The phone offers the best premium features that money can buy. The tag of “expect more” for the S5 is worth it as the phone offers Quad 1.9Ghz plus Quad 1.3Ghz with Octa core CPU.The RAM size of 2GB and ROM size of 16 GB for internal storage although 11.2GB is available for external use.

The phone has an extendable memory of 128GB which is phenomenal. The main camera has a resolution of 16MP and the front 2MP offering clear vibrant images  that spring to life with the AMOLED display screen which has a 1920*1080 (FHD). It comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB with a micro SD for expandable memory. The screen which is 5.1 inches is slightly bigger than Samsung galaxy S4 which is 5 inches.

The battery backup is a whopping 2800mAH offering a talk time of 16 hours under the CDMA format. The dust and water resistant feature of the phone makes it an irresistible buy. Also the finger print scanner touted as the security option is unique to the smartphone. The price of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is Rs 35940 but may vary slightly in different outlets and online shopping sites.

2. Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082

Galaxy Grand Duos I9082

Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 with Dual Sim, For smartphone users who want the convenience of having dual sum for their business and personal needs opt for this make. This is a functional phone with 480*800 pixel resolution with 187 ppi and makes the image resolution average. It is powered by 1.2 GHz dual core processor with 1GB RAM. The user can make use of its multimedia features as it has 64GB expandable Micro SD. The phone is compatible with 3G/2G and has the standard features of Wi-Fi, FM Radio and location tracker etc.

Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 Price is Rs 16499


3. Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro

Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro

Galaxy Grand Quattro

Next in the line is the functional Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro which too comes with a dual sim. It has 4.7 inch display screen which is quiet big compared to other smart phones in the 10k-13K price range. The hardware is the sturdy 1.2 GHz Cortex A5 quad core processor with 1GB and 8GB ROM with expandable memory up to 32 GB. The camera has both front and rear camera. The battery backup is good with 2000mAh and supports 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro Price is Rs 12450.

4. Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2

Galaxy S Duos 2

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 is the smartphone for the budget conscious. It has a 4inch WVGA(480*800)TFT display established the 1.2 GHz dual core processor .This is again a dual sim and has Android 4.2 Jelly Bean .This phone too has a front and rear camera with standard 5MP with LED flash. The RAM specifications are average with 768MB and 4GB inbuilt storage .The expandable memory is up to 64 GB offering solid multimedia features for the user. The battery storage is good with 1500mAh battery that offers 8 hours of talktime and 280 hours of standby time.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 Price is Rs 7791 which is a steal.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3

Last in the segment is the Samsung galaxy Note 3. Yes this is the fabled Phablet and consumers are still interested in the device. It has the widest display screen even surpassing the S5 which has 5.1 inch screen. It is powered by 1.9 GHz Octo core processor with 3GB RAM and internal memory of 32 GB which is good. The memory can be expandable till 64GB of course with the micro SD slot. The battery backup is solid which is 3200mAh when compared to the S5 which has 2800mAh.The operating system is the 4.3 Jelly bean Android and is packed with features.

The Note 3 has all the applications which were developed by Samsung such as Action Memo, Scrap Book and the S Finder. The rear camera offers pictures in 13MP and the front has 2MP which is the standard for all Samsung phones. The multimedia features like the video offers Full High definition (FHD) with high definition and auto focus. Video chat is a pleasure and the Note 3comes with the requisite features like Bluetooth, WI-Fi, 3G and GPS. The Note 3 was ground breaking with some innovative apps by the in-house team. You can see the evolved and much more sophisticated features in the S5 but the Note 3 was truly ahead of its time. The price is a steep Rs 35880 which is higher than the S4 (Rs35400) but if one is looking for a phone that has it all then this is the one. The Note 4 has just been released and has not been included as the sales figures are yet to be compared.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price is Rs. 25471

The Samsung S4 is also part of the list but has not been included as it is similar to the S5 in its specifications. The sales of this variant is still strong but has not been featured as the S5 is part of the list. The effort is to cover both high end and low end variants of the brand in terms of its looks and price.

The trend is to keep improvising with each variant and Samsung has always strived to offer the best for both the high and low end users in the market. The aim is to make better phones that improve the quality of life of its users. Samsung’s strong inclination towards health and well being of its consumers is well documented. The Health apps such as the Heart beat sensor are one such example. In terms of looks Samsung may not be a great buy when compared to HTC or Sony, but is a trendsetter in providing innovative features.

Samsung has become the market leader simply because it understood the pulse of the market and provided a range of smartphones to its consumers unlike Apple which kept reinventing the same variant time and again.

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